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how to find cheap car insurance online?

What is Car Insurance

Car insurance policies on the whole provide security against any losses you will suffer due to unforeseen and unavoidable incidents that may come uninvited into your life. With a car insurance Policy you can also get protection for third parties, such as your driver and co-passengers, and their cars. A car insurance policy is therefore a great boon for you during a crisis and gives you the peace of mind to drive without anxiety, but with responsibility. Also, car insurance is mandatory by law in India.

The Premium of an insurance policy is dependent on certain parameters like the value of the car, vehicle type, age and experience of the car’s owner, type of Coverage etc. With so many motor insurance companies in the market, you must be at a real loss to settle for a particular policy and insurer. You need an insurance policy that fulfills your requirements and is also cost effective. You must therefore ensure that you get the best insurance in the market at the most reasonable premium.
How to Get Good Car Insurance

To get the cheapest auto insurance with the best coverage, you will have to put in a lot of effort in comparing and studying various policies. It is not easy to automatically get cheap insurance in the market. You must do the following from your side:

Get all that is promised by the Insurer in writing. Ensure that your Insurance Agent provides you first with the cover note. You then get the final policy document after 60 days.

Find out which company has a cashless-settlement process tie up with which garage in your city.

Prefer to buy insurance online insurance portal wherein you can choose the most viable insurance for your car.

Compare insurance quotes from various companies. You must compare both the prices and the features before you decide on one.

Online Car Insurance

As you have already seen, getting a cheap but good car insurance policy with minimum insurance premium that meets your needs is not an instant task that you can do in a few hours. You can however simplify this seemingly cumbersome and tedious task by going online and comparing and studying policies from the comfort of your home. For this, you need to do the following:

Do online research and find various car insurance rates and quotes from the well known companies that offer car insurance policies with attractive features and coverages. Insurance comparison portal like can help you do this easily.

You should cross check the information provided by the insurer on insurance comparison site. This way you can check for the authenticity of information provided by the companies.

You should definitely look for feedback and complaints about the insurance companies.   

The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDA) is the government authority that provides information regarding various insurance companies. The IRDA maintains a website from where you can access details regarding various acts and regulations, insurers, agents, surveyors, brokers etc.

By doing an objective study of various car insurance companies, you can easily find the best and the cheapest car insurance for your car. However, you must do this with a lot of diligence and patience as numerous insurance companies have come out with new policies and features over the years.