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how to sort out your grievances against insurance agency conveniently?

Insurance is the first thing that creeps into your mind when you think of a secure future. No wonder to get Insured is your top most priority. But, there are many perturbed souls who are wronged by their insurance company and run from pillar to post to get the justice. Thanks to the Indian Government which has given teeth to the Insurance Ombudsman and the entity can defend the interest of the policyholders who are duped by the insurers. Let us take a quick look at what you should when you are caught in a difficult situation.

Grievance Redressal Officer

All the insurance companies have a grievance cell and the first thing that should be done is to approach the officer and file a complaint. The complaint should be given in black and white and the requisite document should be enclosed with it. It is very essential to take an acknowledgement of the complaint which should have the date written. It is the duty of the Insurer to address the issue in three working days and resolve it in the time-span of a fortnight.

Complaint with the IRDA

Once the insurance company has tried to resolve the issue, and if still, the beneficiaries are not satisfied, then they can file a complaint with the Grievance Redressal Cell in the Consumer Department of the IRDA.  They can be contacted through phone or email or a fax can also be sent.

Contact Ombudsman

If the insurer does not revert in 15 days, or if the Beneficiary is not satisfied with the response, then a complaint can be filed with the insurance ombudsman. This complaint also has to be in a written format along with the complete documentation. The ombudsman is an independent body and has been set up to ensure cost effective and speedy solutions to the complainants. A lawyer can also be used to file a complaint here. At present 12 ombudsmen have set up all across the country to resolve the various grievances of the beneficiaries.

There is a restriction when it comes to filing a complaint with the ombudsmen as only insurance policies up to 20 lakhs come under their purview.


The IGMS or the Integrated Grievance Management System can also be used to solve any grievance with the insurance companies. The complaints can be filed online and there is a system to track the same also.

Though the system might sound a little complicated, but the procedures are in place. Help can be taken from the TPA or any expert in the field of insurance.