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insuring you dream vehicle with the right car insurance

Ask any Indian man to define his dream life and pat comes the answer- A loving family, a comfortable home, well-settled earnings and a dream vehicle- a car!
A car is a car! Whether it is the special car that you got from your father or the priceless first car of your life that came into your life from your own generated money, your car will always be special for you. A man will never stop at the dreaming part.
With endless options available to a person for getting car insurance, the person is often misguided by following the current market trends or may be by giving-in to the peer pressure without essentially considering the best fit for the vehicle and missing out on the pros and cons of the product.
Here, we sum up the few key and essential features that guide the choice of an optimal option as the best car insurance for you.

Claim settlement- Reimbursement or Cashless claims?

The foremost factor which features on the top of the list is the Claim in case of a mishap and the proceedings of the settlement of claims. A fair and timely claim settlement is the seal of high-quality service provided to the customer. In case of any car mishaps following two options are available to customers for claim settlement:

a)Reimbursement: The general proportion of insurance to reimbursement that is followed is 60% of reimbursement possible to your Insured amount. This could be raised a little with more efforts but can never give you the assurance of the maximum settlement.
b)Cashless claims: In contrast to reimbursement, cashless claims are a better option where most of the insurance firms have tied with various garage to form their own network. These garages take care of the repairing of the vehicle and the insurance companies directly pay these garages with only the difference amount being borne by the vehicle owner when accessories and other add-ons are repaired that are not covered in the insurance.
Car insurance policy- What to cover and how much to cover?

The innate use of a car insurance cover is to protect the owner from the losses arising out of burglary and unavoidable reasons like mishaps and fire. Hence, a question could certainly cloud the car owner as to what would be the extent to which the car could be covered and which car insurance Policy would be the best? When deciding on this, you could always think of the worst and get the maximum cover for the vehicle, along with insurance for the third party. The next step should be easy once the cover extent is decided as various parameters like gender; vehicle make classification, owner age etc decide the Premium of the car insurance policy. Using the online premium calculator, you can get a rough idea about the premium amount according to your budget when you choose a certain policy with your type of vehicle.
Benefits of online car insurance

Living in the internet world, our lives has eventually become online. So why not opt for getting the features of the online car insurance? The online feature gives you the freedom to view and compare policies and insurance schemes of various companies with facility like online quotes from varied companies just a click away from your finger-tip. Once the initial screening is done, the purchasing formalities can be completed online without any hassles and waste of time and money. The online facility is also open for filing of claims, thereby ensuring promptness of processing the claim.

Keeping these key elements in mind, you could still carry-out consultations with experts for helping you buy the right kind of car insurance for your dream car.