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necessary steps taken after a car accident

Car accidents have become a common view these days. Even the sensible drivers are not able to save themselves from the situation and when it takes place they lose their cool. First thing to consider at that time is nobody would want to get in these kinds of situation. So, even if the other person is at fault, he has not done it knowingly. Therefore, instead of fighting on the middle of the road, both sides should keep their calm and take necessary steps.

Safety first

Calling for medical aid should be the foremost step if somebody has got injured on the first place. If the other person has got injured seriously, take him to the hospital not only to rescue him but also to save you from getting into the controversial situation. Meanwhile, the doctor is attending the victim; you can inform the police to take further action. Next, you should intimate your car insurance company regarding accident.

Call the concerned authorities

If no injuries have been noticed, call the police to register the Accident and car insurers of both the parties to scrutinize the accident. Who so ever comes first would like to inspect the situation and know the reason why the accident occurred and who was at fault. Therefore, the vehicles should not be moved from the position where the accident occurred.

However, many times this is not possible to let the cars parked in the centre of the road. In this case, one should take the photographs of cars from every angle to illustrate the accident and then take the cars to the side of the road for further scrutiny. If in case you are at fault, admit your mistake, after all you did not do it intentionally. This will smoothen out the situation and possible chances are there that everything is sorted out peacefully.

Enact your responsibilities

Sometimes, it is not possible for the insurance company to send for their representative. In this case, ask for the advice. Third party insurance is the compulsion to buy for everyone. Assuming that both the parties have motor car insurance they should exchange their car insurance Policy details.
Furthermore, it is not easy to memorize each and every detail concerning the accident. Therefore, always note the time, date, place, name and details of other person concerned, his motor car insurance policy number and company, his car registration number, his license number so on.

Take care of time limit

Another thing has been noticed in case if no on-the-spot settlement has taken place is that people often take lot of time to submit details to authorities like Insurance Agent and police. And, in this way, they are crossing the time limit to file for car insurance claim. Every insurance company has set of rules and regulations, abide by that to avail your car insurance claim.

In case, you are not at fault, you can press charges against the other party for the losses occurred, but for this, you should have “uninsured motorist” coverage.

On the other side, if you are at fault and have Deductible amount specified in your car insurance policy, you would have to spend it and do it before your car insurance agent reminds you of this. Of course, your Premium rate will take a hike and you will not be able to take no Claim bonus, but you always have the choice to look for car insurance online to have reasonable rates.