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quick tips to buy online vehicle insurance

When the world is shifting online, why shouldn’t your insurance. Vehicle insurance in India is a product that everyone has to purchase if they own a vehicle. Buying online vehicle insurance is highly cost effective in terms of both time spent and amount of cover. Here are some tips which can help you get cost effective deal of vehicle insurance when shopping online:

1.Know your vehicle: A Mercedes Benz may have different security installations than Maruti Suzuki Alto based on the Risk involved in driving them. There is a difference in the life expectancy of both the vehicles. Also, distinction exists in the price of both the vehicles. All these cause insurance Coverage and Premium to vary. Similarly, insurance requirement for commercial vehicles is different from that of two wheelers. Thus, the requirement of vehicle insurance differs on the basis of type of vehicle and the person driving it. Before you buy vehicle insurance online, you should be well aware of details about your vehicle like date of purchase, model number, safety accessories installed, average kilometers usage per year, registration number and other important details.

2.Study well: Markets today, are flooded with insurance service providers. There is a plethora of options available to buy vehicle insurance online. Different web portal provide exhaustive information about such products and also a critical view of experts on the practicality and functioning. Look for such information which is from a trusted source. Shortlist best products and study them in depth. Many a times it happens that offers that seem cheap turn into a costly affair in the long run. Compare different products on the basis of their features and price. Study the terms and conditions laid by them. Have a contrasting comparison on the basis of features. Give special emphasis on the vehicle insurance claims settlement Policy of the company. Make sure you get access to quick and easy vehicle insurance claims settlement terms.

3.Check History & Customer Feedback: In online vehicle insurance purchase, since you will not have personal contact with the company, you should always check on the credibility of the company. Always check the history of a company before purchasing its product online. In case of vehicle insurance, make sure the company has a valid statement of  customers’ Claim settlement record and sound financial condition. There are various financial companies which provide ratings to the insurance service providers and their products. Check them out before making a purchase.

4.Get quote: Getting online vehicle insurance quote is just a click step at a number of web locations. However, a smarter step can be to get multiple quotes and select the one which offers the best deal.

5.Be Truthful: Be honest while filling information when you buy vehicle insurance online. Make sure the information provided is not incomplete or faulty. A simple mistake in typing the model number or year of manufacturing may lead to difference in the price of the insurance.

Always keep in mind to avoid providing confidential information to the service provider. Details of bank account and other such financial details should be provided with high caution. Apart from this, it should also be kept in mind to maintain the privacy of the information when you buy vehicle insurance. For this purpose, always buy from a trusted source. Make sure you have customer care numbers with you so that they can be contacted when in need. Always keep the details of the payment so that it may be of help in case of denial or dispute.