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rich or poor, vehicle insurance is mandatory

Owning a car is no status symbol today; it is a necessity. Whether it is the rich or poor, ownership of a vehicle does not attract much of an attention. The ‘wow’ factor is of course generated for the very expensive luxury cars. They attract attention everywhere! Owning a vehicle indicates that you have a vehicle insurance for it. Yes, it is mandatory to have third-party liability vehicle insurance cover in India. 

When do you need to buy vehicle insurance? 

The buying process starts right at the time of purchase. And if you buy a used vehicle, you need to insure it too. Generally, a motor insurance is valid for a year. The Premium amount you pay is calculated according to the value of the vehicle. Older the vehicle, lower goes the value and so is lower the premium you pay. Every year you will need to renew the Policy and hence buy vehicle insurance year on year. 

Not every vehicle buyer is familiar with the available car insurance plans or understands what kind of policy would serve the insurance purpose the best. One may be ignorant about which is the best policy not to mention the benefits covered and the terms and conditions associated. Taking informed decisions do matter. 

How do you go about buying the best motor insurance policy?

Hectic schedules are humdrum affairs in everyday life. You hardly get enough time to visit the agent or office of the motor insurance company. Browsing through car insurance plans at the corporate websites of respective companies is time consuming too. Visit the portal of an online vehicle insurance provider. This portal  provide database of all vehicle / car insurance plans available in the Indian market. It  runs user-friendly tools to help you get quotes and compare policies fast. 

Details like make, model, whether new vehicle insurance policy or renewal, current Insurer in case of renewal, policy expiry date, claims made or not, registration number, and year of registration need to be fed for getting instant quotes. Once you make a comparative analysis of all available car insurance plans, you can buy online vehicle insurance right away from the same platform. Your chosen portal  provides a safe online payment gateway. To buy online vehicle insurance, you will need to pay online using your credit card or through net banking. You can even buy online vehicle insurance by cheque.

What are the benefits you mail avail with a motor insurance? 

Cover for damage of vehicle caused due to an accident

•Liability for third party death / injury claims

Cover for bodily injury liability and property damage liability

Medical payments coverage

Benefit to survivor if an Accident results in death

Personal accident cover for owner, driver, and occupants in the car

Uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage

Cover for theft 

Cover for damage caused by fire and other natural perils

Cover for damage to electrical and non electrical parts,and more.

Not all aforementioned benefits are covered in a third-party liability motor insurance. So, when you are geared up to buy vehicle insurance, do take into consideration whether you want to avail all of the aforesaid benefits. It is a comprehensive policy with add-on covers that includes the aforesaid and more benefits. It will be wise on your part to look for specific features in your chosen vehicle insurance policy. Going through the policy brochure in detail online could financially protect you against unexpected costs that you might not be prepared for otherwise. Do also consider premium discounts, no Claim bonus, and other aspects when you go for a renewal. It is all about getting prepared for any Risk and staying financially protected that is of substance.