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The True Value of a Term Insurance Plan

Term Insurance

We care so much about ourselves, we hold grudges with people who treated us not the way we wanted or hurt us in some way whereas we have the tendency to be favorably inclined to those who did something nice for us. Our lives are so much centered around ourselves that we do not even realize but we often fail to the realization the we enrich our lives only when we create values for others. It is often said that man is a social animal, this statement is very deep, it emphasizes that man or human beings have in their nature to do something for others so that their communities can develop. Wise people say that charity begins at home.  It is good if you think of doing great things for the society but first priority is to ensure security of your dependents.

I have a friend who has a deep grudge that because his parents died quite early in his life he had to struggle a lot both emotionally and financially. When we are close to someone it is very difficult to overcome their loss. To save someone from this loss is in no one’s hand, people can give their shoulder to cry or console a distressed person in any other manner but no one can replace that life in one’s life. But thankfully we can do something about the financial part. Had his parents taken life insurance policies he would have been saved from going through that financial mess, their death would have been a little easier for him. He could have drawn some respite in the fact that he didn’t have to compromise on his studies. Such financial troubles have made him very hateful for life and he often curses his destiny. Although, many of those optimistic people who believe in the power of gratitude would say that he has a bad attitude towards life but speaking very practically not everyone has that kind of developed higher wisdom.

Alright, I may have gone a little tangent from the topic, the crux of the topic is be secured and secure your family. We can do a whole lot of things when we know that we are secured. A mind full of fear and anxiety often leaves no space for creativity and determination. Taking more and more control of your life makes you more confident, even the fear of death dilutes when you know you have made arrangements for your family to survive well post your death. This is the reason that we invest in a life insurance plan.  A life insurance plan, particularly a term insurance Policy is a beautiful product that protects your family from going into financial ruins in case God physically separates you from them.

Start taking out a small portion of your earnings and deposit the Premium for this plan. This small endeavor is creating a huge value for your family.  Apart from the monetary benefit the value would be gratitude. Your family would have no grudges from you and would always thank you for this step. They would proudly tell others that because you took that step for them they got saved from going into miseries. Your decision would inspire many others to take similar steps. That is the value you will be creating in the society. You wouldn’t want your dependents to be another lot of hapless people who would live their lives cursing their destiny post your death, would you? Then don’t be miser when you hear about a Term insurance plan. Many short sighted people often argue that this plan has nothing for them, no living benefits. These people need to broaden their thinking and shouldn’t limit themselves to themselves. Life is much beyond the self and you would be surprised that life gets enriched when you think beyond self.