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travel insurance, keep it handy while travelling

Do you think the importance of Travel Insurance has been over exaggerated? Well, here is a list of some things that can go wrong when you leave for a trip:

The taxi driver can drive off with your luggage leaving you with no option but to cancel the trip.

The sandwich you ate at the airport may result in an infection compelling you to get admitted when you land at the destination.

You may slip when disembarking and may break your leg minutes after you have landed at the destination.

You may lose control of your baggage and may drop it on the head of a fellow traveler leading to a 3rd party Claim even before your holiday begins.

You land at the airport only to find that your baggage has been sent to another city. You will probably have to wait for a week before you can lay your hands on your baggage again.

The scenarios described above are pretty real and can happen to you as well. The point is that it does not take a lot for things to go horribly wrong when traveling.  Hence, travel insurance is very important and you are better off not going on the trip if you cannot afford purchasing insurance cover.

There is no point buying a travel insurance Policy if you do not keep it in your hand when traveling. This may seem like a minor point but can have a significant impact when an emergency occurs during the trip.  Delaying claims until you return back home may not be possible in some cases and may be plain unwise in other cases.
Keeping the document handy while travelling will prove useful in the following cases:

Details like your name as specified in the records of the travel insurance company, the policy number, the benefits available under the policy, and procedure for filing insurance claims will be specified in the document.  You have the option of relying on online resources to get the desired information. However, it is advisable to refer these details from the policy document when filing insurance claims.

-Having the policy document in your hand will help you manage loss or theft of baggage. Almost all the travel insurance policies offer cash allowance that can be used to purchase clothes, food and other essentials in event of loss of baggage or valuables. Not having the policy document in hand need not necessarily disqualify you from the benefit but it will complicate matters unnecessarily. You can avoid all this by simply having the policy document in your hand.

A copy of the policy may be required when you are seeking Cashless Hospitalization when traveling. You have the option of deferring insurance claims on hospital expenses where you have paid cash out of your pocket. However, the policy document may be indispensable when you are filing insurance claims for cashless hospitalization.

Keeping track of the fine print is very important when filing insurance claims. The terms and conditions governing the insurance cover will always be specified in detail in the fine print. Keeping the policy in your hand is the safest option.

What If Policy Is Lost?

Worried about the consequences of loss of policy when traveling? Make a few copies and get them attested by an appropriate authority. Keep the copies in hand. These copies should help you tide over any crisis even if you happen to lose the policy document. Or, prepare a soft copy of the document or ask for an e-policy from the insurance cover provider. Use the soft copy as your backup in the event of loss of the original policy.