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what to avoid when buying a car insurance policy?

Buying motor car insurance may appear simple on the face, but there are some mistakes that people tend to make, which can prove to be costly. So when buying insurance, you need to avoid these temptations and costly mistakes to make a right choice. As all car insurance policies are not the same, you need to think hard before arriving at a buying decision. Discussed below are some common mistakes people make while they buy car insurance, and you need to make sure that you don’t make those.

Do not be tempted to save money
The bare minimum car insurance that is mandatory under the Indian law is third party liability insurance. Many people in an attempt to save money, go just for this and avoid a comprehensive Coverage that would include cover for own damage. A common reason for people to avoid an own damage cover, is that they are too confident about their driving. But it is essential to realize the extent of liability one may have to bear is significant. It is not possible for anybody to predict a bad day, when you may meet with an Accident despite the best driving skills. If you are really interested to bring your Premium cost down, a better way is to opt for a higher voluntary deductible, rather than completely avoiding the insurance.

Avoid coverage that you do not need

While you buy a car insurance policy, there would be a host of benefits which either does not make sense for you or you can simply avoid them because they really make your premium swell. There is also likelihood that the coverage you have brought under your car insurance Policy is duplicated. For example, if your manufacturer warranty is still active, it makes no point for you to go for an engine protector cover. Likewise, look for any other clause or add-on, which you can potentially look forward to exclude and save costs.

Avoid the lowest price trap
In any business transaction, getting the lowest possible price is obviously important, but should not be sole criteria for choosing your product. Same principle applies to car insurance as well, as the cheapest may not necessarily be the best for you and there are chances that you may end up spending more on your car than you would have desired. Such a situation may happen, if you choose the lowest cost policy at the cost of skipping some important policy coverage benefits.

Avoid buying without comparing between policies
The car insurance market is a competitive one and you can spot attractive benefits if you can take some time out to shop around, before finally buying a policy. Once you have decided your insurance requirements, it is advised that you do an online comparison to know which policy offers you your desired car insurance coverage at the lowest cost.