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why critical illness cover makes sense?

The increasing number of cardiac disorders, cancer and other organ malfunctioning has shaken the roots of many families. With such growing stress and a desire to maintain a healthy lifestyle; people take more secured steps for the protection of their family and themselves. Critical Illness Policy is a special type of insurance whereby the Insured get a protection against serious and critical ailments. Being protected with such health cover can help you gather money to pay off the hospital and treatment bills in case of critical or life threatening illness. Like other insurance plans, critical illness health cover payouts a lump sum payment. Such payment is liable for tax exemption.

While the Health Insurance may not provide protection against critical diseases, critical illness cover in India is available for several life threatening diseases like cancer, kidney failure, stroke, multiple sclerosis, heart attack and thirty other diseases. Under such insurance, when the insured falls ill the medical care bills and treatment expenses are undertaken by insurer. Moreover, the company also undertakes the follow-up expenses. Some insurers provide compensation to the attendant who accompanies the patient in the hospital in order to meet the conveyance or food expenses.Critical illness cover also comes in conjugation with life insurance plan. In such critical illness policy, there is a fixed percentage of amounts reserved for critical illness health cover. It should be noted that before taking such policy, a special attention should be given to the diseases included under medical cover and terms to get a claim. Generally, a critical illness policy cost more than the simple life insurance plan but such charge seem worth it at the time of medical emergencies.

To apply for critical illness policy is very easy. There are various insurers providing profitable deals for critical illness cover in India. It is highly recommended to make an informed selection. Comparing and contrasting benefits of different insurers’ insurance plan can provide you maximum benefits. This can be done online also. Online process also helps a person to request for insurance quotes for easy and quick service. After obtaining and providing the required information, a person becomes eligible for instant critical illness policy quotes.

It requires abundant strength and courage to endure a critical illness. With the escalating prices of goods, the cost of family health also tends to rise. It becomes difficult to fight with such illness and bear the treatment expenses, hospital bills along with household and other domestic expenses. Situations get worsen when it’s about the earning member in the family. Moreover, the stress of financial crisis makes it difficult for the person to get well. When a person suffers from a critical illness, he not only suffers physically but also goes through mental and emotional pressure. This worry can be reduced to some extent with a critical illness health cover as the financial needs are being satisfied. Hence, the insured can take rest thereby aiming early recovery.