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why medical examination necessary for travel insurance policy

Though buying Travel Insurance without health Coverage is a cheaper option, it may prove to be an expensive one, if you get into an unfortunate situation somewhere far away from your hometown. Consequently, in such a situation, not only your vacation trip suffers a big setback but you also end up burning a big hole in your pocket when your travel insurance claims are just turned down. Yes, paying for hospitalization and treatment charges in this case can eat away a chunk of your savings in one shot. The implications can be much larger in the case of a foreign trip.

Let us have a look at the consequences of availing travel insurance without Health Insurance and subsequent medical check ups.

Many a times, you are so engrossed with packing your travel stuff that you are not able to pay attention to your health care needs while leaving the home. When you reach your destination, you realize that your body is not responding well to the climate. This may result in different problems. Issues related to blood pressure, digestion, respiratory system, to name a few. You cannot help it since you did not get medical check up done and did not care for health insurance attached to travel plan. You have no choice but to pay for the entire expenditure.

The situation gets even worse when someone meets an Accident while on travel. In the absence of health insurance policy, one has to bear the entire expenditure, right from ambulance to medicines to hospitalization.

At the same time, there are cases under which people do avail of health insurance along with travel plan but they do not go for a medical check-up. There can be different reasons behind this approach. They might not be comfortable in revealing their state of health or any particular disorders or are apprehensive that the insurance service provider may charge more than the usual amount after coming to know about their disorders.

People who have a very optimistic bent of mind always feel that they will have a great journey and that their health-related issues would not come into play. Well, it is good to have this approach. But, it is always good to factor-in the chances of mishaps when you buy travel insurance. Therefore, the small difference of the amount which may be charged on the basis of a medical examination can bring peace of mind and a sense of security to you in a big manner.

Get travel insurance only after getting detailed medical examination done almost two weeks before acquiring the travel policy. Moreover, if you are still anxious of high Premium rates, you can search for online travel insurance with medical check ups as one of the norms with them. This can fetch you a good deal on your travel plan.