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How Important is Third Party Insurance in Travel Insurance?

  • Easypolicy
  • 12 Jun 2014

Ask people about how they feel when they have to travel. You would get mix reactions from them. Some would say they enjoy travelling, and some would say they do not. But majority of people find travelling more hectic and stressful. Most of us would agree that travelling is stressful, but it can be made hassle-free and simple if you have done proper planning for it.

How can your travelling be made smooth? It can be made smooth and seamless if you plan in advance, take care of all your travel necessities including your travel insurance policy. It should be your foremost priority to take care of your travel policy. With a good insurance, you can be in a more confident position to face any emergency situation that you may arise when you are away from your city or country. 

There are many situations or emergencies that can arise while you are travelling. It can be related to medical, losing your important documents including your passport or your trip cancellation.
Salient features of your Travel Insurance policy

A travel Policy should have good features in order to help you or your family during contingencies that may arise while you are travelling. You should spare some fruitful time and make a list of all the risks that are associated with your travelling. This is going to make your job easier. Make sure that your policy includes third party insurance. This is going to make your travel more safe and comfortable. Third party insurance is more beneficial for individuals who travel a lot. Along with that, your policy should also cover your medical expenses, loss of your baggage, personal liability and other emergencies that you may encounter due to robbery or theft. While dealing with an insurance company, you should look for all these features in the travel policy that you are choosing for your travel.
Bounties of third party Coverage feature in your travel insurance 

You should always opt for a travel insurance plan with third party insurance if you have to drive a lot during your travel. It is going to help you cover all associated risks. With this feature, you can have peace of mind when you are travelling in a distant land, or you have hired a vehicle in any location outside your country. It would be a great help when meet an emergency accident. Third party insurance is very helpful in accidents where the personal belongings of the other driver are damaged. If you do not have third party coverage, you may end up paying lots of money as compensation. Not only you are going to end up paying huge money as compensation, you are also going to lose your peace of mind. So, it really makes a lot of sense to have third party insurance in your travel insurance.

Ask your insurance service provider for third party coverage feature 

All travel insurance plans do not have third party coverage feature. You need to ask your insurance service provider to let you know more about the plans that come with this feature. They would help choose the best travel plan according to your needs and the risks that are associated with your travel. Your service provider would also help you choose one that fits your budget and your needs. You should also calculate the Premium that you need to pay when you opt for any travel plan. They would guide you on that too even.

Hopefully, you have all the relevant information that you need about third party cover feature in a travel insurance policy. If you want more information about these policies, you should visit online resources that provide vast information on them. There are dozens of websites that offer plenty of information about these policies. Compare the features and their pricing before you opt for any particular travel plan.

Trip Planning With a Best Travel Policy

  • Easypolicy
  • 20 May 2014

Whether you are traveling for business, education, leisure or social reasons, if you want peace of mind it is advisable that you buy a Travel Insurance plan. Travel insurance protects you from various travel related contingencies which can really put you in a mess. These travel related adversities can hit anybody and is always unexpected. Hence, it makes sense to be prepared to deal with these while traveling.

Some of the most common situations that can put you in a precarious state while you are traveling include medical emergencies, loss of passport, missing connecting flights, or trip cancellation for some reasons. Apart from these common risks that impact all travelers there are some unique risks which exist and depend on the purpose of travel and the traveler profile. So, it makes sense that you cover all risks that pertain to your travel journey while you buy travel plan.

Buying the best travel plan

To make sure that you buy the best travel insurance plan, your travel plan should have all the features you need and at the same time ensure most competitive rates. It is common to see people buying a travel plan for customary reasons and not for the purpose it is required. Hence, we see people not buying a plan they actually should and pay just the right price for it.

To address this issue, it is important that the traveler spares some time to think about his travel plans and collate the list of risks that are unique to him. Like if the objective of travel is adventure, it makes sense that the person insures himself additionally for the associated risks. Besides, if the person is frequent traveler he can avoid the botheration of buying a travel plan every time he travels by buying a multi-trip insurance Policy rather than a single trip insurance policy.

If you are traveling for a longer duration and there will be nobody back at your home to look after it. You can opt for burglary and fire insurance for your home for the duration you intend to be away. Likewise, if the traveler is an aged person he should also consider whether or not he would need cover for Pre-existing conditions under special situations or any other cover that would help him cover any potential financial liabilities on account of health conditions.

Once you know the right travel plan, you should find out which company offers the most competitive rates for the plan. Go for an online comparison and you can get a list of travel policies offered by various companies and the Premium you need to pay for the cover you require. Instead of simply choosing the one that offers the lowest premium rates make it a point to compare the quality of services in terms of ease of claim filing, availability of toll free number and hospital network.

Plan Your Trip With Best Travel Plan

  • Easypolicy
  • 16 May 2014

Whether you are traveling for business, leisure or adventure buying Travel Insurance is a must. With a travel insurance, you are Assured that any contingency related to travel can be managed effectively. Travel related emergency include loss of passport, medical illness, loss of baggage and trip cancellation/interruption. While planning for travel, you generally do not realize the importance of being prepared for these contingencies as all you have in mind are pleasant thoughts about an exciting stay and journey ahead.

Travel insurance does not cost you much and it really pays you off as you can travel with the needed peace of mind. In the event you experience an illness or meet with an Accident in a foreign country the cost of medical intervention is so high that it can rob you off for all of your bank balance. In some situations, you may fall short of the required money to meet the medical expenditure and this may be a very precarious situation to be in. Hence, it makes sense to buy travel insurance before you move on with your travel plans. 

But buying any travel plan is not enough as it is also important that you buy only what you need and also all what you need to be covered for. By asking a few questions to yourself and being a bit prudent, you can be assured that you are covered for what you need and you are not overpaying as well.

What is the purpose of my travel?

Depending upon your purpose, you can choose an appropriate travel insurance policy. If it is adventure make sure that you buy additional cover to be secure against any potential risks of adventure activities that you are likely to be involved in. If the purpose is business and you need to travel frequently it is best that you buy multi trip insurance rather than a single trip travel policy. A multi trip Policy will cost you less and comes with fewer hassles than buying a single trip policy every time you move.

What should be the medical cover?

Depending upon the country you are traveling you should choose an appropriately sized medical cover. In countries like US and Canada, the cost of medical treatment is unusually high than most other countries. Hence, it is paramount that you choose a higher cover while traveling to these countries.

What are my personal risks?

If you are elderly and have some Pre-existing diseases, it is best that you buy a larger medical cover and also include cover for pre-existing diseases for some special situations. Besides, if you think you want to feel secure about your personal assets in India while you may be abroad you can choose to buy an additional cover that includes burglary and fire insurance for the duration you might be traveling.

Is my Insurance Agent offering me the best deal?

Once you have decided on your Coverage needs, make it a point to compare the premiums offered by various insurance companies for the same cover. An online comparison is the easiest way to choose the best travel insurance plan for your needs.