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Plan Your Trip With Best Travel Plan

  • Easypolicy
  • 16 May 2014

Whether you are traveling for business, leisure or adventure buying Travel Insurance is a must. With a travel insurance, you are Assured that any contingency related to travel can be managed effectively. Travel related emergency include loss of passport, medical illness, loss of baggage and trip cancellation/interruption. While planning for travel, you generally do not realize the importance of being prepared for these contingencies as all you have in mind are pleasant thoughts about an exciting stay and journey ahead.

Travel insurance does not cost you much and it really pays you off as you can travel with the needed peace of mind. In the event you experience an illness or meet with an Accident in a foreign country the cost of medical intervention is so high that it can rob you off for all of your bank balance. In some situations, you may fall short of the required money to meet the medical expenditure and this may be a very precarious situation to be in. Hence, it makes sense to buy travel insurance before you move on with your travel plans. 

But buying any travel plan is not enough as it is also important that you buy only what you need and also all what you need to be covered for. By asking a few questions to yourself and being a bit prudent, you can be assured that you are covered for what you need and you are not overpaying as well.

What is the purpose of my travel?

Depending upon your purpose, you can choose an appropriate travel insurance policy. If it is adventure make sure that you buy additional cover to be secure against any potential risks of adventure activities that you are likely to be involved in. If the purpose is business and you need to travel frequently it is best that you buy multi trip insurance rather than a single trip travel policy. A multi trip Policy will cost you less and comes with fewer hassles than buying a single trip policy every time you move.

What should be the medical cover?

Depending upon the country you are traveling you should choose an appropriately sized medical cover. In countries like US and Canada, the cost of medical treatment is unusually high than most other countries. Hence, it is paramount that you choose a higher cover while traveling to these countries.

What are my personal risks?

If you are elderly and have some Pre-existing diseases, it is best that you buy a larger medical cover and also include cover for pre-existing diseases for some special situations. Besides, if you think you want to feel secure about your personal assets in India while you may be abroad you can choose to buy an additional cover that includes burglary and fire insurance for the duration you might be traveling.

Is my Insurance Agent offering me the best deal?

Once you have decided on your Coverage needs, make it a point to compare the premiums offered by various insurance companies for the same cover. An online comparison is the easiest way to choose the best travel insurance plan for your needs.

student medical insurance

  • Easypolicy
  • 31 Jan 2013

In recent times, almost half of the students are paving their way to study abroad. This of course, has many benefits. Students are able to widen their career scope while expanding their educational aptitude.

However, in foreign land, the student may have to face various issues and taking care of each and everything becomes even more challenging when the person is all alone without family’s support. And here, Travel Insurance comes into the scene to help out the student to cope up with the difficult situations. And due to the same reason, now it has become important for students to have travel insurance before entering into the premises of the universities.

Importance of Health Insurance in foreign city

In certain countries, there is facility of the National Health Service available to students coming from other countries. But not necessarily every facility related to health insurance is available to non-residents of that country. Therefore, it is very important that the student carries adequate health Coverage either from his own country or buy health insurance from the country where he has gone to pursue further studies.

Mostly, students prefer to buy Policy from their home country at reasonable rates instead of buying the same service against much higher insurance Premium rates in foreign country. On the opposite side, there are places where students are not allowed to bring health policy from their native place. For that reason, always check the rules and regulations of specific country before taking admission there.

Insurance riders

Besides gaining knowledge in their subject, there are so many things a student can do abroad to broaden their perspective related to life. So, it is not just confined to education but avenue is far wider. And, in the process, there are so many hassles a student can come across. This may include losing luggage, visa or cash cards. Or trouble can come when student gets into conflicting situation with the law of foreign country.

Therefore, insurance companies in India do provide non-medical coverages in addition to health cover to students going abroad. For instance, air-tickets of closer family member are reimbursed in case the student is hospitalised for seven consecutive days. Sometimes, the student has paid the tuition fee partially or fully and if he is not able to study further due to his own personal benevolent reasons, remaining amount is reimbursed up to a specific level. Or sometimes, the sponsor of the student’s tuition fee who in most of the cases is parent of the student is no more or is disabled to provide the tuition fee further; the Insurer is reimbursing the rest of the amount of fee. All the above non-medical benefits and even more are available to students in form of Riders to students which they can add to their basic policy. This will definitely increase the amount of sum Assured but it totally depends on student to choose his coverage level.

Apart from this, there are so many health insurance benefits which the student can avail while buying student travel insurance. At the time of buying the policy, students should ask regarding the entire know-how of raising the mediclaim, since this can cause problem if the student is not aware of the exact process. An important point to be kept in mind is that one should always search for the best online health insurance and travel plans and compare health insurance coverages of various companies before signing the documents.

do not decline to buy travel insurance

  • Easypolicy
  • 31 Jan 2013

Travel insurance provides you peace of mind and comprehensive protection from the entire gamut of misfortunes that may come uninvited in the course of journey. Confronting an emergency spell abroad can drain away your entire savings and will go beyond the insurance claims afforded by credit cards, private insurance etc. A comprehensive Travel Insurance Policy protects you against a large number of unfortunate circumstances for the entire duration you’re on the tour. Some essential aspects of a comprehensive policy include:

a) Health covers for getting medical assistance to address sudden illness.

b) Emergency service and attention round the clock.

c) Liability protection if someone sues you for property damage or accidentally causing injury.

d) Personal Accident cover.

e) Cover for meeting legal expenses.

f) Cover for items lost or stolen in the course of travel.

g) Cover for canceling or curtailing the trip.

h) Additional cover for items not falling under the purview of normal policies like jet skiing.

i) Monetary cover to safeguard your interests in the event of airline going bankrupt prior to or during trip.

j) Injuries or losses borne due to terrorist activities.

Purchasing travel insurance a must

Mull over the consequences that will come your way if you decline to purchase travel insurance. Just a mere thought of loss of passport, baggage, cancellation of tickets and even a minor illness can be financially shuddering if you are not aptly covered. Buying travel insurance is therefore a wise step you must opt for before going for a journey abroad. To buy the best travel insurance plan, you should compare travel insurance policies offered by different companies online. Comparing the available options will help you to choose the right product at the most competitive rates. Online portals such as easypolicy.com allow you to compare travel insurance plans and choose the most comprehensive and elaborate plan. Comparing and buying online travel insurance is convenient and helps you save money as you can compare and buy policy with low premiums. However, do not go for cheap policies as these tend to extend Coverage for fewer items and may prove costly. If you are a frequent flyer, you should consider purchasing annual multi trip plans to save on time and money.

Some important points to ensure

After you have decided to buy travel insurance, you should ensure that the plan would necessarily:

a) Cover all pre-paid expenses like skiing, excursions etc.

b) Cover personal accident bringing about death or permanent disability.

c) Provide suitable and realistic cover limit for stolen, damaged or lost personal possessions like jewelry and camera. Police should be intimated within a day of suffering loss as the notification would be required for filing a claim. You must take care of your personal belongings with due diligence.

d) Provide coverage for the entire range of items present in the baggage lost by airlines during transit. The compensation provided by airlines for baggage loss is nominal and based on weight of baggage.

e) Provide cover for legal expenses incurred while pursuing for compensation in the wake of sustaining personal injury. This clause comes in handy in countries that have no legal assistance system.

Your airline tickets may prove insufficient to cover the entire array of losses beyond the flight journey. So, think twice in the light of benefits offered before declining to buy travel insurance.