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Plan Your Trip With Best Travel Plan

  • Easypolicy
  • 16 May 2014

Whether you are traveling for business, leisure or adventure buying Travel Insurance is a must. With a travel insurance, you are Assured that any contingency related to travel can be managed effectively. Travel related emergency include loss of passport, medical illness, loss of baggage and trip cancellation/interruption. While planning for travel, you generally do not realize the importance of being prepared for these contingencies as all you have in mind are pleasant thoughts about an exciting stay and journey ahead.

Travel insurance does not cost you much and it really pays you off as you can travel with the needed peace of mind. In the event you experience an illness or meet with an Accident in a foreign country the cost of medical intervention is so high that it can rob you off for all of your bank balance. In some situations, you may fall short of the required money to meet the medical expenditure and this may be a very precarious situation to be in. Hence, it makes sense to buy travel insurance before you move on with your travel plans. 

But buying any travel plan is not enough as it is also important that you buy only what you need and also all what you need to be covered for. By asking a few questions to yourself and being a bit prudent, you can be assured that you are covered for what you need and you are not overpaying as well.

What is the purpose of my travel?

Depending upon your purpose, you can choose an appropriate travel insurance policy. If it is adventure make sure that you buy additional cover to be secure against any potential risks of adventure activities that you are likely to be involved in. If the purpose is business and you need to travel frequently it is best that you buy multi trip insurance rather than a single trip travel policy. A multi trip Policy will cost you less and comes with fewer hassles than buying a single trip policy every time you move.

What should be the medical cover?

Depending upon the country you are traveling you should choose an appropriately sized medical cover. In countries like US and Canada, the cost of medical treatment is unusually high than most other countries. Hence, it is paramount that you choose a higher cover while traveling to these countries.

What are my personal risks?

If you are elderly and have some Pre-existing diseases, it is best that you buy a larger medical cover and also include cover for pre-existing diseases for some special situations. Besides, if you think you want to feel secure about your personal assets in India while you may be abroad you can choose to buy an additional cover that includes burglary and fire insurance for the duration you might be traveling.

Is my Insurance Agent offering me the best deal?

Once you have decided on your Coverage needs, make it a point to compare the premiums offered by various insurance companies for the same cover. An online comparison is the easiest way to choose the best travel insurance plan for your needs.

guide to schengen countries travel insurance

  • Easypolicy
  • 12 Sep 2012

Europe has always been a tourist paradise but the implementation of Schengen agreement has had a major beneficial impact in further proliferating tourism in Europe. In 1985, 26 countries in Europe implemented the Schengen agreement under which they agreed to behave as a single country for the ease of movement of international travelers within these countries. As part of the agreement, these countries relinquished the need to have internal border checks for travelers thus enabling international tourist to move freely across these member countries.

If you desire to travel to these Schengen countries you should know that there is a common visa policy. This means, you would need a Schengen Visa, which is a single visa that allows you to move across all the member countries. Citizens of certain countries are exempted from visa obligations, if they are to stay for less than 3 months but for most or all third world countries including India, their citizens would need to apply for a Schengen Visa.

How to apply for a Schengen Visa

Application for a Schengen visa must be submitted at the consulate or Embassy of the country of Schengen region in which you intend to stay for most duration or your first destination in Schengen. Besides, the documents that you generally submit to support your visa application (passport, a covering letter, proof of financial support for the visit, proof of tickets), you would also need to buy a personal travel and medical insurance upfront, before the grant of visa. The reason being the cost of medical emergency and Repatriation is so high in the European countries that they do not want international travelers to come without a minimum Coverage for medical emergencies.

What does Schengen Travel Insurance cover?

If you are planning travel insurance for Europe, here are some facts that you should be aware of:
  • The Schengen travel insurance would cover the cost of emergencies in all Schengen countries so you need not buy separate travel insurance for each country.
  • Also note that though most insurance companies in India provide international travel insurance, you cannot buy Schengen visa insurance from any insurance company.
  • It is essential that the international insurance company where you buy your Schengen visa insurance has a representative office in Europe and should be providing coverage for all Schengen countries.
  • The minimum cover that you need to have for medical emergencies / repatriation is Euro 30,000 and the same should be valid for the duration of stay. A basic Schengen travel insurance plan may just cover the medical / dental expenses / personal Accident coverage, but you may opt in for additional features like loss of passport, baggage delay, total loss of baggage and compassionate visit. The minimum coverage for medical cost, as we discussed, is Euro 30,000 as mandated by Schengen visa authorities, but you have the choice to increase the coverage.
Most travel insurance companies would provide Cashless Hospitalization in case of medical emergencies, but one should be aware of this prior to buying. It is a good habit to compare the plans offered by different insurance companies, in terms of the premium, coverage and deductibles. Besides these tangible comparisons, it is also good to understand the intangible offerings. As we know, insurance industry is essentially a service business. Hence, it would be good to understand the difference in terms of the convenience that the companies are offering. The Claim settlement process should be hassle free and make sure that the insurance company has an  emergency toll free number, where you can talk to in case you need emergency help while you are traveling. Some insurance companies also automatically extend your coverage in case you have any medical emergency.

Once you do an online comparison and are thoroughly convinced about your decision, you may as well buy a Schengen visa insurance online.

save your money and frustrations with travel insurance

  • Easypolicy
  • 12 Sep 2012

When there are so many insurances provided around the globe, the most important insurance that one must always keep in mind and make use of is the travel insurance. Travel Insurance covers a great deal of factors which are very useful and highly beneficial for every single traveller. With the availability of wide options, even people who are  resistant to travel will start loving it.

Coverage Types

•Medical Expense – Any expenses that are related to accidents or some injury which needs a medical treatment and care are given prime importance and are covered by the insurance claims.

•Expense caused due to Trip Cancellation – There are situations where due to some unintended emergencies, the passengers would be susceptible to cancel the trips. The insurance covers even these expenditures.

•Overseas funeral emergency – The most inevitable situation is when a close relative of an individual passes away in abroad. In a crisis like this, a person who has travel insurance Policy is definitely helped out without any further delay.

•Delays that are caused due to weather- In situations where the flights or means of travel gets delayed due to weather irregularities, and when this leads to rescheduling of the trip, the entire procedure is taken care of the insurance.

Optional Coverage

•Rental Car Damage – In conditions where a person hires a car to travel and an unexpected Accident or damage takes place, the passenger needn’t worry about anything if he/she has travel insurance.

•High Risk Countries – Some countries are labelled as high risk places due to the frequent act of terrorism, kidnapping, racism etc. When the passengers are to travel to countries like this, the insurance takes care of a safer travel and stay.

•Risky Sports – There are conditions where people travel to different places in the intention of enjoying their vacation. In places like those, there are chances of the people indulging into different kinds of sports like river rafting, scuba diving etc. In situations like these, the insurance plays a major role by covering even the pros and cons of these acts.

How to Make an Insurance Claim?

•When the people who have availed for insurance policies are caught in financial emergency or medical emergency  the information must be immediately passed on to the insurance firms as they will firstly decide whether those events are covered under the policy or not and secondly the subsequent limit of Reimbursement for the same.

Important things to remember

•Always remember to read the travel insurance form before filling it as there might be some specifications for the insurance package.

•Always carry the insurance details with you while you travel as you might need it at any point of the travel.

•There would be a lot of ambiguous flight insurances in airports which might not even benefit the passengers in the slightest way possible. Go for a very legitimate and well renowned insurance firm as that will only be valid wherever you go and will help you during a crisis.

•There might be some common  exclusion in the policy which must be read thoroughly as you might end up in some unwanted expenditures which  are not covered.

Travel insurance is one of the safest and smartest ways to have a happy and secured travel experience irrespective of the place. Therefore when best travel insurance is chosen and claimed, the passengers can put behind their worries and miseries related to a travel and they can have a happy, less spent travel experience which they can cherish forever!