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Plan Your Trip With Best Travel Plan

  • Easypolicy
  • 16 May 2014

Whether you are traveling for business, leisure or adventure buying Travel Insurance is a must. With a travel insurance, you are Assured that any contingency related to travel can be managed effectively. Travel related emergency include loss of passport, medical illness, loss of baggage and trip cancellation/interruption. While planning for travel, you generally do not realize the importance of being prepared for these contingencies as all you have in mind are pleasant thoughts about an exciting stay and journey ahead.

Travel insurance does not cost you much and it really pays you off as you can travel with the needed peace of mind. In the event you experience an illness or meet with an Accident in a foreign country the cost of medical intervention is so high that it can rob you off for all of your bank balance. In some situations, you may fall short of the required money to meet the medical expenditure and this may be a very precarious situation to be in. Hence, it makes sense to buy travel insurance before you move on with your travel plans. 

But buying any travel plan is not enough as it is also important that you buy only what you need and also all what you need to be covered for. By asking a few questions to yourself and being a bit prudent, you can be assured that you are covered for what you need and you are not overpaying as well.

What is the purpose of my travel?

Depending upon your purpose, you can choose an appropriate travel insurance policy. If it is adventure make sure that you buy additional cover to be secure against any potential risks of adventure activities that you are likely to be involved in. If the purpose is business and you need to travel frequently it is best that you buy multi trip insurance rather than a single trip travel policy. A multi trip Policy will cost you less and comes with fewer hassles than buying a single trip policy every time you move.

What should be the medical cover?

Depending upon the country you are traveling you should choose an appropriately sized medical cover. In countries like US and Canada, the cost of medical treatment is unusually high than most other countries. Hence, it is paramount that you choose a higher cover while traveling to these countries.

What are my personal risks?

If you are elderly and have some Pre-existing diseases, it is best that you buy a larger medical cover and also include cover for pre-existing diseases for some special situations. Besides, if you think you want to feel secure about your personal assets in India while you may be abroad you can choose to buy an additional cover that includes burglary and fire insurance for the duration you might be traveling.

Is my Insurance Agent offering me the best deal?

Once you have decided on your Coverage needs, make it a point to compare the premiums offered by various insurance companies for the same cover. An online comparison is the easiest way to choose the best travel insurance plan for your needs.

steps to ensure that your travel insurance claim is not rejected

  • Easypolicy
  • 21 Nov 2012

Traveling Insured is traveling smart. This is something, which keeps you away from the unwanted troubles and saves for financial interests for unexpected happening occurred.  Therefore, Travel Insurance in India has become a highly followed trend. But, you should pay complete attention on certain chances, when your travel Policy Claim may get rejected. You need to stick to the following steps to ensure that your insurance claim is not overruled by the insurance company:

Don’t let excessive drinking be the reason for your travel insurance claim rejection:

The insurance company will reject your claim if any unwanted event such as accident, damage to your luggage, passport or missing of flight happen due to your excessive drinking. Hence, such situations should be avoided from your side.

Take care of your belongings:

While purchasing the plan, the insurance company clearly mentions to take care of your belongings. The insurance company is not liable to pay anything if the loss or damage to your belongings was caused due to lack of attention from your side.

Get in touch with Insurer for cases of flight delay:

In case your flight gets delayed for more than 12 hours due to unforeseen circumstances like bad weather, illness, death or natural disaster, you need to intimate your insurer to file the claim for same.

Don’t overlook reading T&C part of the policy:

The insurance firm proceeds as per the terms and conditions and if your claim is not eligible as per this section, it automatically gets rejected. These days with the facility of purchasing online travel insurance, glancing at the rules and regulations has turned easier.

Don’t raise inadequate claim for benefits:

Insurance companies scrutinize all the claim applications deeply, so any fraud claim in order to get monetary benefit through inadequate ways will be immediately rejected. This can even led to your policy dismissal.

Disclose correct medical information
There is a health questionnaire that needs to be filled by you and/or fellow traveler. Inadequate or false information regarding your health will certainly give an excuse to the insurance company to reject your claim. Hence, make sure that you provide correct information pertaining to your current as well as Pre-existing ailments (if any).
Provide adequate and correct information to the insurance company:

One of the most common reason behind rejection of travel insurance cover is the submission of inadequate or incorrect information by the policy holder. This creates loophole in the claim of the policy holder and chances of company rejecting the claim go higher. Hence, it is suggested to never hide any important and precisely required information at the time of purchasing travel cover plan. This prevents chances of claim rejection.

how to compare travel insurance online?

  • Easypolicy
  • 18 Sep 2012


A pleasurable, trouble free trip is what everyone looks forward to during their vacation. However, as with everything else in life, a vacation too is not free from trouble or risk. Accidents, illness or other problems could happen anywhere, anytime without warning. You could also lose your luggage, passport and other important valuables. Though you can’t prevent every occurrence of these problems, you can take the necessary steps to lessen their damage, especially the financial losses.

The best thing that you can do to cushion yourself and your family against hardship in such situations is to have a Travel Insurance policy. A travel insurance Policy will help you cover the medical expenses in case of Hospitalization due to illness or accident, compensate you for the loss of your luggage and other valuables, or financial default by travel agents. You can arrange for an insurance policy either at the time of the trip to cover only that trip, or you can have a multi-trip policy to cover multiple trips over a particular period of time. You can also have the option of covering you just for travel within the country or for international travel too.

Why Compare Travel Insurance Policies

You can either buy the very first insurance policy that you come across or you can compare and carefully study various policies before you zero-in on one of them.  It is ideal if you compare and study various policies before getting the one that meets your needs. You must get the best one that offers the best price, duration, services and so on. After all it is your hard-earned money, and you need to get the maximum benefit out of the policy when you are away from home.

For example, you have gone on a skiing trip to a hill station. Unfortunately, one of your family members falls ill because of the biting cold. As there were no proper medical facilities in that place, your family had to be air lifted to a far away city. The cost of transportation by air was huge and not covered by your insurance policy. You could have been spared of this unforeseen and unfortunate expenses had you compared various travel insurance policies and got one with this kind of facility.

Comparing Travel Insurance Policies Online

In today’s world, with all facilities being available online over the internet, insurance can’t be behind. There are various insurance portals that offer you the facility to compare the policies offered by diverse insurance companies and allow you to select the best.
These insurance portals have large databases with details of facilities provided by various insurers, tools to help you get quotes and make comparisons instantly, provide you the facility to make payments either by debit card, credit card or cheque and so on. You can easily buy your insurance policy from such a site and get the best deal. You must read all the details carefully, what is provided and what is not, the various terms and conditions etc. and then take a decision.

Easypolicy.com is one such site that gives you all that you need at the click of a mouse. A trip with the right insurance policy will add lot of security and give you the necessary peace of mind. You will then have a great trip that you can remember for the rest of your life.