Building a Pipeline for Retirement

Tomorrow’s dreams are built on today’s sacrifices. You, the readers might be earning quite well in your occupation/profession right now but that doesn’t stop you from planning for your future, or wait, why only for future when effective planning or say decision can make your present quite comfortable as well? In our heydays we often make the mistake of not building pipelines that would pump money for us when our bodies would tire out and we w [...] Continue Reading

The Most Horrible Day of My Life

Life offers a mix of happy moments and sad ones. Like change of seasons happiness and distress keep following one another. There are some days that offer such intense moments that both mind and intelligence succumb together. One such day came in my life; it was winter of 2nd December, 2011. I was having dinner with my family after a taxing day at work. Suddenly, the phone rang and at the other side of the call was my sister-in-law [...] Continue Reading

How Important is Third Party Insurance in Travel Insurance?

Ask people about how they feel when they have to travel. You would get mix reactions from them. Some would say they enjoy travelling, and some would say they do not. But majority of people find travelling more hectic and stressful. Most of us would agree that travelling is stressful, but it can be made hassle-free and simple if you have done proper planning for it.

How can your travelling be made smooth? It can be made smooth and seamless if you plan i [...] Continue Reading

Quick Guide to Plan For Your Childs Future Expenses

Sooner or later, you will have to save for your child’s future in some way or the other. The earlier you take the decision, the better are the returns expected out of the investment you do keeping your child’s future in view. There is not one thing that is needed to be funded. Besides education, you have to take care of his marriage costs, minimum deposit for his home, investment ventures and even more. However, at the same time protection is the need of the hour [...] Continue Reading