Why Should You Get Your Insurance In Place Before Diwali?

There is always a good time to buy insurance. In fact, the sooner you buy insurance products, the better it is for you and your family.

However, the festival of Diwali makes it all the more special and important to invest your hard earned money in the right assets that not only provide you with some security, but also go a long way in ensuring that you never face financial difficulties.

We bring to you some important facts to hel [...] Continue Reading

An Overview of Best Child Insurance Policy in India

Child insurance plans are one of the best kinds of insurance policies available these days. These plans help you to secure the futures of the most precious and loved people in your life – your children. A child plan not only builds up a healthy corpus for the child, it also insures your life and provides cover to your kids if you die prematurely. The plan also becomes a lifelong assistant and provides you with monetary aid when you need it the most for your child [...] Continue Reading

Comparing Plans of Cigna TTK, Star Health and Religare

When you decide to buy Health Insurance you are likely to face the problem of plenty. Making a choice amongst 25 odd companies is no mean feat. For starters there are 21 Private Insurance companies who do General insurance business along with Health Insurance in India, and then there are four public sector general insurance companies and 4 stand alone health insurance companies to join the bandwagon in the [...] Continue Reading

Securing the Nation With Life Insurance

The atmosphere is intense in the wake of rising tension between India and Pakistan. Every day the news is coming about casualties from either side. Incidents like these take our attention to the undisputable fact that life is so unpredictable irrespective of whether you are a soldier at the border or a civilian. No matter who we are, we are very important for our family. Our family takes pride in our income, they feel protected in the assurance that we are there [...] Continue Reading

A Quick and Easy Method to Get a Cheap Investment Plan

The idea of multiplying our money is very fascinating as well as intriguing. Anyone who understands the concept of time value of money wouldn’t like to keep idle cash with him and would always be on a look out where money could be invested to draw highest returns at minimum risk. A popular investing theory called Modern portfolio theory (MPT) lay guidelines on how risk-averse investors can construct portfolios to optimize or maximize [...] Continue Reading

How Important is Third Party Insurance in Travel Insurance?

Ask people about how they feel when they have to travel. You would get mix reactions from them. Some would say they enjoy travelling, and some would say they do not. But majority of people find travelling more hectic and stressful. Most of us would agree that travelling is stressful, but it can be made hassle-free and simple if you have done proper planning for it.

How can your travelling be made smooth? It can be made smooth and seamless if you plan i [...] Continue Reading

How Necessary Is The Retirement Plan In Your Life?

We all need to understand the importance of planning for retirement. Retirement planning is the best way to make future secure for you and your family members. In private sector, once you lose your job, you lose it forever but if you are an employee of the government sector then you can think of Pension benefits and security of your job.

If you are the breadwinner of your family then you must think about saving money for future requirements. Appropriat [...] Continue Reading