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Planning for Your Child's Future Needs

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Children are the most precious part of our society and as parents you must be worried about giving your child the most secured future. To secure a child’s future it is essential to keep yourself and your child from worrying about the future financial matters.

Insurance does not always mean investing a staggering amount of money. There are many insurance plans that offer fabulous yet reasonable ways to lead your investments. You need to avail the one which is exclusively suited for your child, as it impacts the most precious person in your life, your child.

Considerations of child plans

There are several factors which should be taken care of while investing in a child plan

The Premium Waiver facility is a must

A proper Risk cover has to be there

Consider what guaranteed benefits and Loyalty Additions are there in the plan

Ask about allocation charges if any

Think about premium paying Term with respect to ‘duration to remain invested and Maturity amount.

Investment Plans

Conventional insurance is not the only way in which you can secure your child's future. Other than the various insurance policies, you can also invest in some of the reliable investment plans. The regular premiums from carefully chosen investment plans can help you to cope with the unprecedented financial crunches.

Education Plans and Child Plans

Education is essential, and the cost of it has become monumental. To help you manage the education expenses, insurance companies have come up with special education plans. These plans are designed to suit the various requirements and give parents the flexibility to invest.

The various plans and facts of the educational investment for child as follows:-

Smaller investments at regular intervals are easier to handle than a single large investment. This way, you have to pay smaller amounts periodically.

Investment plans on 'Child Education' like participating policies, endowment policies, and investment linked policies are some of the typically seen categories in this area. All these plans have their merits and demerits and so the best way to know them is to browse through

Ensuring your child's future is not only for a few requirements like health emergencies or education. In India, marriage is also a huge expense for parents.

Also, if you opt for ULIP child policies, there are high chances that the rise in the stock market will give you more benefit than a regular insurance policy. Remember, market risk is always there in a ULIP.

It is a prudent decision to choose the money-back policies for your child so that the returns you get at fixed intervals can be used for other investments for your child or for his/her co-curricular advancements.

Any child care insurance plan is technically 100% tax-free on maturated amount.

Investments are usually seen with a certain degree of apprehension, mainly because people find it hard to understand the terms and conditions. However, at, you will find all the necessary information to unravel just these spheres of life with details. brings to you the most suitable tips and suggestions about the best insurance plans available in the market. Insurance companies of repute bring to you periodically several modern and improved policies meant specifically for children so that when your child reaches the age of 18, 21 or 24, you get the maturity benefit for your child.

Use our information to secure your child’s future!