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Young Star Udaan! Hdfc Plan For Pan-India Market

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Bringing up a child is no more the same as it was few decades back. There was a time when parents used to plan in terms of saving while planning to give higher education to their children. If a student had the capability to crack competition, he/she was sure to propel on the success path. Parents did not have to take too much pain to think about the finances to meet the educational needs of their kids. A very few of parents would think about investing in any kind of child plan for their kids.

But, things have totally changed now. Now, parents are investing in child plans in order to secure the future of their kids. Not only these financial planning helps in securing the career of a child but also helps in meeting other expenses such as marriage or any other heavy expenditure.

Today, it is not sufficient that the caliber of your child can help him secure a good job or construct a propelling career. A lot of money is required these days to complete any higher certification or educational course. You need to be in a better financial condition to bear the cost of higher education of your child. What can make you stand on a solid base when your child is ready to go for higher studies is a trusted child insurance Policy from HDFC. Once you buy a plan, you would have complete peace of mind that your child’s future is safe and secured.

HDFC has launched a reliable child insurance plan for pan-India market, named Young Star Udaan. It is a unique child policy that aims at shaping the dreams of both parents and the children. On one side, parents would plan a crucial role in giving financial support to their kids when they are ready to go for higher education or getting married. The parents can also see their dreams turning into reality as their kids grow and succeed in their life. On the other hand, children find themselves financially strong to take up new challenges and hurdles that come their way.

Distinguished features of Young Star Udaan

Young Star Udaan, a traditional HDFC child plan for pan-India market is ideal for individuals who want to plan efficiently for the academic expenses and marriage expenses of their kids. You would definitely like to invest in this child plan as it offers flexibility to your policy term. You can choose any Term in between 15 to 25 years as per the requirements of your kid’s needs. There are three Maturity benefit options that you can choose from. The three maturity benefits are named as Aspiration, Academia and Career. Aspiration has an endowment benefit where you would receive a lump sum payout at the time of maturity. Academia and Career, both offer money back benefit where you receive payouts during last 5 policy years. The difference between these two options is that in Academia, the first payout is higher than the rest of the payouts, and in Career, the last payout is higher than the previous payouts.

You can take this policy easily by just filling in a short medical questionnaire. Another benefit that you would get by buying this policy is tax benefit.

Secure your child’s future with Young Star Udaan child plan. Your child’s future would be completely secured. Whether it is pursuing higher education, going abroad for a bright future or meeting the expenses of marriage, this policy would help be the best option for planning your child’s future.