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How Good is a Traditional Investment Plan?

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Choosing an investment plan can often be tricky, especially when there are so many options around. And when each of them comes up with their own high-decibel pitches, you need to ask the right questions to get it right.

What are traditional plans? These are the bread-and-butter of insurance, ranging from endowment plans through whole life, money back plans, and children’s plans. In essence, you would be able to get benefits in terms of returns on investments, apart from insurance cover to secure your future.

Does an online investment plan work for me? In an era of internet banking and online trading, when you need to make decisions at the speed of thought, the first thing that you need to know about an online investment plan is that it is not a different entity from its traditional counterpart. It has the same components, terms, requirements, and safety associated with the ones that the previous generation might have known of, if at all only better in terms of options and ease of transaction.

So, are traditional plans worth their salt? Apart from the benefit of getting returns, either regularly or in lump sum, there may not be much that you could expect in terms of flexibility. Further, since a portion of the investment goes into insurance, you would also have to compromise on the rate of returns. However, if you are not fussy about the rates of returns and if you want it all in one package, you may find some value in these investment plans.