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Plans allow systematic enhancement of wealth with insurance

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Important Facts About Investment Plans

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So, you have decided to put your hard-earned money to good use in the hope of getting handsome returns over a period of time. Before you begin, you need to know some very basic, yet important, facts about investment plans.

Risks vs Returns:

This is fundamental to anyone who wants to enter the world of investment plans- you need to choose how far you are willing to bet, and how much you are hoping to reap. There are those investment options that may be low on risks, but would also be low on returns – such as Post Office Monthly Income Schemes. On the other hand, there are those with medium risks and returns, such as corporate bonds and certificates of deposits. Your first priority is to know your own aptitude for risks and returns.

High vs Low premiums:

This is the second important attribute that you should know about deciding where to put your money in – would you want to pay high premiums, or would you insist on lower ones? While the choice may seem obvious and rather simplistic, as a ground rule, you may note that money back plans would typically be associated with high premiums. Popular as endowment plans, money back plans give you returns on your investments, apart from giving you insurance cover for the period of investment.

Now, you need to choose whether you want insurance alone, or if you would want investments coupled with insurance. As always, there may not be right or wrong answers in life – it’s just a matter of knowing your priorities and personal circumstances, and being clear of what you need in life.