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Right Approach to Maintain a Balanced Investment Portfolio

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Investment is no child's play - when you are dealing with money and ways of maximising returns in a volatile market, and when you are in search for the best plan that you could get hold of, there are many important decisions to make. One of the important decisions that you should make with regard to your plans has to do with the balance between Risk and returns.

Here is a look at the different options available in investment and how you need to compare these plans before you make your decisions.

Plans that are low on risk and returns:

If you like a slow and steady approach to life and you place a Premium on safety and security, and if your scope lies in the medium to long Term range, you should consider some of the options available currently in the market such as the Post Office Monthly Income Scheme or the Senior Citizen Savings Plan; you may also want to consider other safe havens such as the fixed deposit schemes offered by the banks, or the government bonds operated by the Government of India.

The Post Office Monthly Income Scheme is one of the typically known safe havens that are initiated by the Government of India and have duration of around 6 years. You could go for them if you are looking at steady income, as well as being rewarded with a Bonus at Maturity of the fund.

The other option, the Senior Citizen Savings Scheme, is meant for the seniors, as the name would suggest – people above the age of 60 could ensure safety and security of their hard-earned money while hoping for steady returns. While fixed deposits operated by the banks are among the popular options, your plans may also have space for government bonds that range over 20 or 30 years.

Medium Risk and Medium Returns:

You could use options such as corporate bonds, certificates of deposits, or choose to invest in stocks, if you would want to supplement your secure investments with plans that are slightly more risky, but also better in terms of returns. You could enjoy returns from interests on investments, or you could look forward to dividends on stocks, apart from trading in shares to reap returns from appreciation with time

Balanced Risk, Medium Term Portfolios

When you compare investment plans, or if you have researched online investment plans, you would come across options that are diversified in risk and returns, as in the case of balanced portfolio. The idea is to reap the rewards of appreciation and to enjoy returns that last over a period of time. The balanced portfolio could stake a Claim towards the best investment plan, considering the fact that there is a wide variety of investments such as cash, fixed income plans, as well as equities. There are insurance options that provide balance of investment between insurance and returns, which you may want to consider if security is something that you would want to add to your online investment plan.

Take your time, compare investment plans, and invest on the right instrument that would serve your purpose