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Future Generali Easy Invest Online Plan

Future Generali’s Easy Invest Online Plan is a unit linked plan which is available for purchase online. The plan promises capital appreciation as well as insurance protection. Flexibility is provided through partial withdrawals, switching and choice of investment funds. Moreover, Loyalty Additions are also added to the Fund Value which increases the benefits.

Key features of the plan

  • Premiums are payable throughout the plan tenure.
  • Loyalty Additions are added to the Fund Value in the last 5 years of the plan if regular premiums have been paid duly.
  • The maturity benefit can be received in lump sum or in instalments over 5 years.

How does the plan work?

Step 1 – the policyholder chooses the premium amount, policy term and premium paying frequency. The minimum and maximum Sum Assured would then be calculated and the policyholder should decide the coverage amount.

Step 2 – the policyholder then chooses to invest the allocated premium in any of the available 5 funds. The funds are Future Income Fund, Future Balance Fund, Future Maximize Fund, Future Apex Fund and Future Opportunity Fund.

Step 3 – the policyholder can make partial withdrawals, premium redirections or switch his investments if required.

Step 4- in case of death during the plan term, the death benefit is paid.

Step 5 – if the insured survives the plan tenure, the maturity benefit is paid which is the Fund Value.


Kavita, aged 40 years, buys the plan at a premium of Rs.50, 000. She chooses a term of 15 years and her Sum Assure dis Rs.5 lakhs.

Option 1 – Kavita dies in the 12th year of the plan. On her death, her nominee receives higher of the Sum Assured or Fund Value or 105% of total premiums paid till her death.

Option 3 – if the plan matures and Kavita is alive, the Fund Value is paid. Kavita can choose to take the Fund Value in lump sum or in instalments over a 5-year tenure post maturity.

Kavita can enjoy flexible benefits in the plan. She can make partial withdrawals, switch between funds and also redirect future premiums to any other fund.

Plan benefits

  • Death benefit – in case of death during the term of the plan, higher of the Sum Assured, Fund Value or 105% of premiums paid till death is paid to the nominee.
  • If the life insured dies before reaching 60 years of age, the Sum Assured would be deducted for any partial withdrawals made during two years prior to death
    If the life insured dies after attaining 60 years, any partial withdrawals made after crossing 58 years of age would be deducted from the Sum Assured.

    • Maturity Benefit – when the plan matures, the available Fund Value is paid to the policyholder. Loyalty Additions are added in the last 5 years of the plan which are also paid on maturity along with the Fund Value. The policyholder can take the maturity proceeds in one lump sum. Alternatively, the policyholder can also choose to take the maturity proceeds in instalments. The instalments should be taken within a maximum of 5 years calculated from the date of maturity of the policy.
    • Loyalty Additions – if all due premiums have been paid Loyalty Additions accrue in the last 5 years of the plan. Loyalty Additions are calculated as a percentage of the average Fund Value available over the last eight quarters. The rate of such additions depends on the policy term chosen by the policyholder and is as follows:
    • Policy term selected Rate of Loyalty Addition
      10 to 14 years 1.10%
      15 to 19 years 1.15%
      20 years 1.20%
    • Partial withdrawals – the policyholder can make partial withdrawals after the first 5 years of the policy. The minimum amount of withdrawal allowed is Rs.5000 and the Fund Value after withdrawal should not fall below twice the annual premium. Four free partial withdrawals are allowed in a policy year.
    • Switching –the policyholder can change the choice of funds and reallocate the Fund Value among different funds through switching. A maximum of 12 switches in one policy year are free of charge. Extra switches would be chargeable.
    • Premium redirection – If the policyholder wants, he can choose to redirect future premiums to another fund different from the one in which the premium is currently being allocated to. Two redirections are allowed in a policy year each of which is chargeable.


      Minimum Maximum
    Age at entry (in completed years) 0 years 50 years
    Age at maturity (in completed years) 18 years 70 years
    Term of the plan 10 years 20 years
    Premium paying options Regular pay
    Premium Paying term Equal to plan tenure
    Premium amount Yearly - Rs.40,000
    Monthly – Rs.4000
    No limit
    Sum Assured 10 times the annual premium

    What is not covered in the policy?

    In case of suicide committed within 12 months of inception or revival of the plan, the available Fund Value and any top-up premium Fund Value is paid.


    What are the types of charges included in the plan?

    There are different types of charges included in the plan. These charges include premium allocation charge, policy administration charge, discontinuance charge if the policy is discontinued before the completion of the lock-in period of 5 years, fund management charge, mortality charge and miscellaneous charge. Switching and partial withdrawal charges are applicable if such switches or withdrawals exceed the free limit.

    What is the available free-look period under the plan?

    A period of 30 days from policy issuance date is allowed as a free-look period under the plan during which the policyholder can cancel the plan bought.

    What is the premium paying frequencies allowed under the plan?

    The plan allows two types of premium paying frequencies. One is annual premium and the other is monthly premium. In case of monthly modes of premium payment, the payment should be done electronically using the Auto Pay System.

    Can the premium paying frequencies be altered?

    Yes, the plan allows a change in premium paying frequencies. Monthly premiums can be converted to annual premiums and vive-versa.

    How can the settlement benefit be availed?

    The settlement feature allows the policyholder to take maturity benefit in instalments. The maximum tenure of availing such instalments is 5 years and the maturity benefit can be taken either in 5 annual instalments with each one being 20% of the Fund Value or in 10 semi-annual instalments where each instalment is 10% of the Fund Value.

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