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ICICI Prudential Guaranteed Wealth Builder Plan

Which unit linked plan provides guaranteed returns? ICICI Prudential Life InsuranceGuaranteed Wealth Builder Plan does. This plan is a unit linked plan which provides market-linked returns while at the same time protecting your invested premiums against market volatility. The investment plan also accrues Loyalty Additions and Wealth Boosters which increase the overall Fund Value giving the highest returns.

Key features of the plan

  • Premiums under the plan are payable either once or for a limited tenure of 5 years.
  • Loyalty Additions and Wealth Boosters increase the Fund Value under the plan
  • The premiums paid ae invested as per the Guaranteed Wealth Protector Strategy to protect the returns from market volatility.
  • The Sum Assured can be increased or decreased in case of limited premium plans.

How does the plan work?

Step 1 – the policyholder chooses the premium amount, plan term and the premium paying term. The Sum Assured is then calculated as per the age of the insured and the premium paying term.

Step 2 – the premiums paid by the policyholder are invested in two funds – Life Secure Fund and Life Growth Fund in a pre-determined ratio. This ratio depends on the age of the insured. Initially, a major proportion of the allocated premium is invested in the Life Growth Fund which gives high returns. As the policy approaches maturity, the funds are transferred systematically to Life Secure Fund which has lower risk to protect the returns from volatile markets. In the last years of the plan, a major portion of the Fund Value is in Life Secure Fund.

Step 3 – in case of death during the plan term, the death benefit is paid.

Step 4 – if the insured survives the plan tenure, the maturity benefit is paid which is higher of the Fund Value + Loyalty Additions + Wealth Boosters or Assured Benefit.


Rohan, a 40-year old salaried employee, buys the plan with a premium of Rs.50, 000 and a Sum Assured of Rs.5 lakhs. He pays limited premiums for 5 years.

Option 1 – at first, 60% of the allocated premium of Rs.50, 000 is invested in Life Growth Fund in the first 4 years of the plan. From the 5th year, the Fund Value is systematically transferred every quarter to Life Secure Fund. In the 6th year, only 30% of the Fund Value remains in Life Growth Fund while the remaining is in Life Secure Fund. In the 7th and 8th year the allocation to Life Growth Fund reduces to 20% and in the last two years it becomes 10%.

Option 2 – in case of Rohan’s death, higher of Sum Assured, Fund Value or 105% of premiums paid till death is paid.

Option 3 – if the plan matures, the Fund Value is paid along with Loyalty Additions and Wealth Boosters. If the Assured Benefit is higher than the Fund Value, the Assured benefit is paid.

Plan benefits

  • Death benefit – if the insured dies during the term of the plan, the death benefit is paid which is higher of the following:
    1. Sum Assured
    2. Fund Value
    3. Minimum Death Benefit

    The Minimum Death Benefit is 105% of premiums paid till death.

  • Maturity Benefit – when the plan matures, higher of the available Fund Value including accrued Loyalty Additions and Wealth Boosters or Assured Benefit is paid to the policyholder. The Assured Benefit would be 101% of the single premium (in case of single pay plans) or 101% of total premiums paid (in case of limited pay plans).

    The policyholder can take the maturity benefit in lump sum or in instalments in 5 years through Settlement Option.

  • Loyalty Additions – from the end of the 6th policy year loyalty additions @0.25% of the Fund Value are added every year of the plan.
  • Wealth Boosters – wealth boosters are added to the Fund Value at the end of the 10th policy year. The rate of the booster is 3.25% of the Fund Value if limited premiums are paid and 1.5% of the Fund Value for single premium plans.


  Minimum Maximum
Age at entry (in completed years) 8 years Limited premium - 60 years
Single premium – 70 years
Age at maturity (in completed years) 18 years Limited premium - 70 years
Single premium – 80 years
Term of the plan 10 years
Premium paying options Limited pay or Single Pay
Premium Paying term Single premium – once
Limited premium – 5 years
Annual premium amount Limited premiums:
Annually - Rs.24,000
Other modes – Rs.48,000
Single premium:
No limit
Sum Assured Limited Premium:
If age is below 45 years –10 times the annual premium
Age 45 to 54 years – 7 or 10 times the annual premium Age 55 to 60 years – 7 times the annual premium
Single Premium – 1.25 times the single premium

What is not covered in the policy?

In case of suicide committed within 12 months of inception or revival of the plan, the available Fund Value and is paid to the nominee.