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Reliance Investment Plans

Reliance Nippon Life Insurance Company

Reliance Nippon Life Insurance (Reliance Nippon Life) is one of the leading life insurance companies in the private sector in India. A joint venture between the renowned Reliance Capital and Japan’s Nippon Life Insurance Company, this life insurer has been serving 10 million customers, with the help of a powerful distribution network of over 800 branches and over 1,00,000 advisors. With more than 20 best-in-class products in its portfolio, it caters to the varied financial goals and protection requirements of its policyholders, and helps them to build a worry-free future for their entire family.

Reliance Nippon Life Investment Plans

Reliance Nippon Life Investment Plans help you build a strong source of funding for meeting life’s emergencies, opportunities, and financial goals. What’s good is that they also give you the option of managing your funds on your own, so that you can keep altering your investment patterns, according to your individual situations & market conditions. However, if you do not have the time to ponder over the right investment strategy to be undertaken, there’s also an option of auto-managing your funds, which will ensure that your investments are protected from market volatilities.

Unit Linked Investment Plans

When the aim is to create wealth over a period of time, then Unit Linked Investment plans (ULIPs) serve as the best solution. They do come with a risk factor, but then you can always work out a strategy that fulfils your risk-taking capacity and yet earn great rewards. These plans invest your premium amounts in equity & debt markets, thereby giving you returns on your investments. Simultaneously, they also offer you with life coverage, thus providing your family with adequate protection in your absence.

Common Features of Reliance Nippon Life Investment Plans:

  • Liberty to manage your funds the way you want it
  • Facility of making partial withdrawals
  • Income Tax Benefits

List of Different Investment Plans Offered By Reliance Nippon Life Insurance Company, With Features, Benefits And Eligibility

Reliance Nippon Premier Wealth Insurance Plan


  • A Unit Linked Plan which helps you manage your funds the way you like
  • Liberty to switch between active and auto-managed style of investing
  • Stay invested to reap the benefits of Wealth Boosters and see your fund grow
  • Four investment options to choose from:
    1. Self-Managed Option: This system enables you to manage and control your investments directly
    2. Auto-Managed Option: No time for managing your funds? Fret not, the Auto-Managed option will take care of everything. Once you choose this style of investment, you get a further option to select any one strategy from the following:
    3. Target Maturity Option – Depending upon when you wish to achieve your financial goals, this option allows you to avail a customized automatic asset allocation strategy for equity and debt based funds
    4. Life-Stage option – Depending upon the life stage you are currently in, this option enables you to create a balance between equity and debt through a systematic asset allocation strategy
  • Pay your premiums the way which suits you best - Single Pay, Limited Pay, or Regular Pay
  • Facility of making partial withdrawals after five policy years, to help you in case of emergency situations, when funds are needed the most
  • Flexibility to choose the desired Sum Assured Multiple, as per your needs, goals, & commitments
  • Avail tax benefits as per the applicable Income Tax rules.


  • Wealth Boosters: Give your wealth a boost through the facility of Wealth Boosters, which increase your investment @ 0.30% p.a (for Regular Pay option) of the average of daily fund value.
  • Maturity Benefit: At the time of policy maturity, receive the Maturity Benefit as a lump sum or as a structured payout through settlement option, whichever suits your then requirements.
  • Death Benefit: In case of your unfortunate demise during the term of the policy, your nominee gets entitled to receive the death benefit.

Reliance Nippon Life Smart Savings Insurance Plan


  • A Unit-Linked Insurance Plan
  • An insurance plan that takes care of your funds, whilst you are focusing on other priorities of your life
  • Optional facility to manage your funds directly according to your own requirements, risk appetite, and the market scenarios
  • Earn rewards in the form of increased fund value for being invested for long periods of time
  • Enjoy reduced charges for paying higher premium amounts
  • Avail life insurance coverage which is at least 10 times of the annualized premium
  • Enjoy loyalty additions for paying premiums for longer terms
  • Allows you to access your funds for those hard phases of life
  • Avail Income tax benefits as per the applicable rules


  • Loyalty Additions: Starting from the end of the 10th policy anniversary, after every five years, enjoy loyalty additions, which are calculated as a percentage of the total premiums paid by you
  • 2 Investment Options: Choose the investment strategy that best suits your financial goals – Self-Managed Option & Auto-Managed Option. On selecting the auto-managed option, you can again make a selection between Target Maturity option, which is based on when you wish to receive the proceeds, or the Life-Stage option, which is dependent on your life-stage.
  • Partial Withdrawals: Once 5 policy years have been lapsed, you can withdraw funds from your policy, for meeting the demands of critical or emergency situations
  • Maturity Benefit: When the policy matures, receive the Maturity Benefit as a lump sum or as a structured payout through settlement option.
  • Death Benefit: In case of your unfortunate demise during the term of the policy, your nominee gets entitled to receive the death benefit.


  • Premium Payment Term (PPT): Limited Pay: 5/7/10 | Regular Pay: Equal to Policy Term

Reliance Nippon Life Classic Plan II


  • A Unit-Linked Insurance plan which gives full flexibility for managing & controlling your funds
  • 5 Investment Funds to choose from, ensuring that there is something for everyone - 2 Equity oriented funds, 2 Debt oriented funds, and 1 Balanced fund
  • Facility of easy switching of funds
  • Enjoy 52 free switches amidst the available funds
  • Boost your investments by availing the facility of Top-ups
  • For protecting your funds against market volatilities, opt for the Systematic Transfer Plan (STP)
  • Make use of Premium Redirection feature, whenever you feel you need to change your investment strategy
  • Liberty to choose high Sum Assured to ensure adequate protection against unforeseen circumstances
  • Avail extra protection for death due to accidents
  • In case of an emergency, make partial withdrawals from your policy fund
  • Choose from three modes of premium payment – annual, semi-annual, & monthly
  • Avail Income tax benefits on premiums paid and benefits received


  • Partial Withdrawals: For all those emergency situations, you can always withdraw funds from your policy, provided the policy has completed 5 years.
  • Maturity Benefit: On survival till maturity, receive the Maturity Benefit, which is equivalent to the Fund value under the base policy as well as the Top-Ups, if any
  • Death Benefit: In case of your unfortunate demise during the term of the policy, your nominee receives the death benefit, which is computed as the highest of the i) Base Sum Assured ii) Base Fund Value or iii) 105% of the premiums paid
  • Accidental Death Benefit: In instances, when the insured passes away due to an accident, the nominee gets entitled to receive an additional amount as Accidental Death Benefit, which is equal to the Sum Assured. This amount is received over & above the Death Benefit.