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help plan for retirement and offer the security of insurance.

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Live Your Dreams When You Retire

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Old age is the golden period of life. Gone are the days when dependency led to deprival of desired comforts. Today, you can think of a new dawn, a new beginning even in your retirement age. You can lead a secured retired life in the way you have perceived. Yes, in your retirement age, you will enjoy a steady flow of regular income. These are all the wonders of retirement plans, also termed Pension plans.

It is the concept of nuclear families that is gaining momentum today. Increasing number of the older gentry is often left with no option other than seeking harbor in old age homes. It is when you start earning that you can save for your retirement age so that you do not remain dependent on any. Living today’s lifestyle is costly; tomorrow’s lifestyle will be costlier. You can still maintain your standards of living in your retirement age without any financial worries. You can live your dreams when you retire. Get the best pension plan and anticipate living your golden years of life with zest.

Types of Retirement Plans

Traditional Plan: In this plan, you enjoy fixed and guaranteed returns. The process involves paying a fixed Premium amount for a definite number of years till the vesting date. The whole or at least up to 2/3rd of the Maturity amount is then used to buy annuity. The best pension plan assures guaranteed additions and Bonus from time to time, which gets added to the maturity amount

ULPP Plan: You cannot enjoy fixed returns in unit linked pension plan. You enjoy options of choosing funds the performance of which determines growth of your money during the accumulation phase. Uptrend the market, higher the returns and vice versa. Buy it if you are ready to take risks.

How to Buy the Best Pension Plan

To enjoy maximum benefits, you should buy the best pension plans. How do you buy the best? Visit a reliable insurance aggregator and facilitator’s website, one that has a database of all the top Indian insurance companies offering myriad plans, one that runs user friendly search tools to let you get quotes instantly, a platform where you can make price and features comparisons. Here you should have access to what each of the companies has on offer. It should run a safe payment gateway, facilitating you to buy your chosen online pension plan using your credit card or via internet banking. It should also facilitate buyers to use cheques if they are not comfortable with online payments. Here, you can also get in touch with certified experts who can let you decide right.

There are various advantages of buying online pension plans at an insurance aggregator’s website:

  • It saves your time.
  • You can compare multiple plans at a single platform.
  • You get quotes for free.
  • You can buy it from the comfort of your space.
  • Guaranteed best rates.
  • You are the sole decider.
  • You can buy online pension plan anytime and anywhere.