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Pension Plan

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Future Generali Pension Plans

Future Generali India Life Insurance Company

Incepted in the year 2007, Future Generali Life Insurance Company (Future Generali) is a joint venture between three business conglomerates: Future Group – a renowned retailer of India, Generali Group - a global insurance company revered as one of the top 50 largest companies in the world, and the Industrial Investment Trust Limited (IITL) – an eminent investment house. With over 80 offices in the country, this company is known for its simple yet best-in-class products & solutions that help Indian consumers to plan their financial goals and simultaneously protect them from the unforeseen exigencies of life.

Future Generali Pension Plans

Future Generali Pension Plans ensure that you spend your golden years with a great level of financial confidence. From lifelong fixed income to guaranteed returns of premiums, these plans provide you with numerous benefits that can help you achieve your retirement goals and live the life you had always envisioned for yourself and your spouse. These plans also come with a lot of flexibility, in terms of choosing your vesting age, maturity sum assured, purchase price, and premium payment term.

Pension Plans:

For some, the word retirement may evoke feelings of anxiousness & uncertainty. Ideally, one would always want a predictable and steady stream of retirement income, so that one needn’t be financially dependent on others. Pension plans help you to achieve this objective by providing you with a fixed annuity throughout your life as well as lump sum amounts that can be availed immediately post retirement or at a later date.

List of Different Pension Plans Offered By Future Generali Life Insurance Company, With Features, Benefits And Eligibility

Future Generali Immediate Annuity Plan


  • An Immediate Annuity Plan that offers you a fixed income for a lifetime
  • Make a choice between monthly or yearly payout modes as per your requirement
  • The facility of Annuity Card makes the process of receiving the annuity amount so much simpler & easier
  • Take your pick between ‘Life Annuity’ or ‘Life Annuity with return of Purchase Price’
  • Liberty to choose the Purchase Price
  • Enjoy additional annuity benefit on choosing a higher purchase price and give a boost to your annuity amount
  • Option for receiving the Annuity amount by Direct credit to Annuity card or Post dated cheques
  • Income Tax benefits on premium & proceeds


  • Life Annuity: This entitles you to receive a fixed annuity for the rest of your life. However, in the unfortunate event of your demise, the policy ceases to exist.
  • Life Annuity With Return of Purchase Price: Till the time you are alive, you receive a fixed annuity. However, after your unfortunate demise, the purchase price is paid to your nominee and the policy is terminated.
  • Additional Annuity Benefit: When you choose a higher purchase price, you get entitled to receive an additional annuity benefit, which is expressed in terms of per Rs.1,000 of Purchase Price. The additional annuity rates are as follows:
Purchase Price (Rs.) 60,000 - 79,999 80,000 - 99,999 1,00,000 - 1,49,999 1,50,000 & above
dditional Annuity Amount per Rs. 1000 of Purchase Price(Rs.) 1.6 2 2.2 2.5


Minimum Entry Age (as on last birthday) For new customers: 40 years | For company’s existing customers of deferred pension plans : 0 years
Maximum Entry Age (as on last birthday) 80 years
Purchase Price Minimum: Rs. 30,000 | Maximum: No Limit
Annuity Mode Yearly/Monthly
Policy Term Till the Annuitant is alive


There are no Riders under this plan.

Future Generali Pension Guarantee


  • A Deferred Pension Plan with life coverage & guaranteed benefits
  • At maturity, enjoy a minimum guaranteed return of 101% of all premiums paid by you excluding Service Tax & extra premiums, if any
  • Get Bonuses accrued to your policy throughout the Policy Term
  • Liberty to choose the Maturity Sum Assured, Vesting Age, & Premium Payment Term according to your requirements
  • Make a choice between Regular Premium, Limited Premium for 5 0r 10 years, or Single Premium, as per your convenience
  • Income Tax benefits on premium & proceeds


  • Maturity Benefit: At the time of policy maturity, you are entitled to receive the Maturity Sum Assured plus accrued bonuses as the Maturity Benefit. You have the option of utilizing these proceeds in any one of the following ways:
    1. Utilizing the entire amount to invest in a Single Premium Deferred Pension plan
    2. Commuting the proceeds as a lump sum amount to the extent allowed under Income Tax act and utilizing the remaining amount to purchase an Immediate Annuity (guaranteed for life) from Future Generali India Life Insurance Co. Ltd. at the then prevailing annuity rate
    3. Extending the term under the same policy with the same terms & conditions of policy term and maturity age under the original policy, provided the policyholder is below 55 years of age. This enables the insured to receive the maturity proceeds at a later date.
  • Annuity Benefit: The vesting amount received is used to purchase an Immediate Annuity Plan.
  • Death Benefit: In case, the policyholder passes away during the term of the policy, the nominee gets the Death Benefit, which is equivalent to sum of all premiums paid till the date of death (excluding service tax and extra premiums, if any) along with accrued bonuses, subject to a minimum guarantee of 105% of total premiums paid excluding service tax and extra premiums paid. The nominee can exercise any of the following two options:
    1. Utilize the amount, in full or part thereof, for purchasing an annuity at the then prevailing rate from Future Generali India Life Insurance Company Limited
    2. Withdraw the entire proceeds of the policy
Purchase Price (Rs.) 60,000 - 79,999 80,000 - 99,999 1,00,000 - 1,49,999 1,50,000 & above
dditional Annuity Amount per Rs. 1000 of Purchase Price(Rs.) 1.6 2 2.2 2.5


Features Regular Premium Term Limited Premium Term Single Premium Term
Premium Payment Term (PPT) Regular
  • 10 years
  • 15 years
Age at Entry 20 to 70 years 20 to 70 years 20 to 70 years
Policy Term 10 to 20 years 10 year PPT: 11 to 20 years
15 year PPT: 16 to 20 years
10/ 15/ 20 years
Minimum Vesting Age 40 years 40 years 40 years
Minimum Premium 11,000/- per annum 11,000/-per annum 90,000/-
Maximum Premium No Limit No Limit No Limit


Future Generali Non Linked Accidental Death Rider (UIN: 133B023V01):

Future Generali Non Linked Accidental Total & Permanent Disability Rider (UIN:133B024V01):

This rider lets you enhance your protection by giving you an additional insurance cover against total and permanent disability resulting from an accident. In such instances, the cover amount is paid after the confirmation of the total and permanent disability.