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Diabetes and Life Insurance

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  • Payment of lump sum for critical illnesses
  • Optional benefits for eye and foot problems
  • Regular and free health checkups
  • Monetary incentives to maintain good health
  • Special concessions and offers

India is fast approaching the dubious distinction of being the Diabetes Capital of the World, with over 6.2 crore diabetics in the country. With diabetes assuming such serious proportions, it is important to get life insurance if you have been diagnosed with diabetes. Fortunately, there are specific programs in life insurance that are tailored towards the needs of diabetics and the best life insurance would be one that understands diabetes and serves diabetics just well to suit their unique needs and requirements.

The best life insurance that is aimed at serving people with diabetes is one that caters for people with Type-2 diabetes, as well as those with the condition of pre-diabetes. While the central idea behind life insurance in this case is to provide financial support, you could get life insurance that also works to equip you with the resources to manage diabetes more effectively.

Benefits of Life Insurance for people with Diabetes

Payment of Lump Sum amount upon diagnosis of critical illnesses:

Diabetics are at increased Risk of developing secondary health conditions. When you get life insurance, you would also be eligible to be covered in case of critical illnesses such as heart attack, coronary artery bypass graft, cancer, stroke, kidney failure or other health conditions that might require organ transplant. The best life insurance would stand by your side when there are complications associated with diabetes.

Eye and Foot Problems

Diabetics are considered to be at high risk of developing health complications associated with eye and foot. Life insurance aimed at diabetics would provide optional cover, in the form of Diabetes Enhanced / Additional benefit Rider, where people with diabetes could gain an additional sum over the base sum assured, when they have to go through LASER treatments in the case of diabetic retinopathy or may have to undergo limb amputations arising out of conditions associated with diabetes.

Health Checkups:

The best life insurance would be the one that also provides for free, full and a comprehensive medical checkup for a specified number of times every year. In effect, when you get life insurance, you also get appointments for medical checkups to monitor your health and progress, apart from a variety of tests and free consultations for diabetics.

Better Health leads to reduced premiums:

Diabetes may forbid sweet, but nothing would be sweeter than news of continued good health, combined with prospects of reducing your premiums on life insurance. With the best life insurance, people with diabetes could expect to hit both the targets, as diabetics get the added incentive of having to pay reduced premiums when compared with the Base Premium that they pay for the first year. This works by means of a special index that takes many parameters into consideration, based on regular monitoring and test results on the condition of diabetes.

Special offers:

Life insurance is not just about coverage, but is also about special offers. With the best life insurance, diabetics could expect to have concessions and offers with the purchase of products and services from partner organizations of the firm that you get life insurance from.

Conditions attached to Life Insurance

As always, you would have to check with your individual Policy when you get life insurance as to what the exact clauses and conditions are. Even the best life insurance would have exclusions, such as requirements to get tested and monitored from diagnostic centers that are impaneled with the organization, or providing for only the stipulated number of tests and checkups as may be specified for diabetes. It would help for diabetics to be clear about life insurance and the way they would be of immense benefit to dealing with the medical condition