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Documents Required to Process The Death Claim

Documents Required to Process The Death Claim

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Death is an inevitable event in one’s life. Pain caused from the loss of the individual is irreplaceable but the individual can financially support his/her family by getting a life insurance policy. Only if the person is Insured at the time of death, his nominee can gain the insurance claim.

What is Life Insurance?

Even before understanding the concept behind claiming the insurance, one should know about what is life insurance. It is a legal contract made between the Insurer (insurance company) and the insured (individual making the policy), where the insurer pays a promised amount upon the death of the insured person to his/her nominee in exchange to the premiums paid.

Process of the Death Claim

Deaths are often unexpected events that separate us from the rest of our family. But the death of an insured individual will certainly provide some financial benefits to the family in the form of death claims. The nominee/claimant should know the Policy and the procedure in order to Claim the insurance. Here is the detailed information about the required documents and the process behind claiming insurance.

Inform Death: First important thing to do in order to get the insurance cover is to notify the death to the insurance company. Communicate with the insurance company in person and intimate them by giving them a complete write up as a proof for the claim.

Know the Type of Death: Deaths are classified into early and non early deaths by the insurance companies depending on the time from which the policy is made. Early deaths occur within a span of three years from the time at which the policy is made. Different sets of documents are necessary for each of the type.

Document Checklist: Get a claim application and also a copy of the checklist of all the documents necessary from the company depending on the type of death and arrange them accordingly.

A non - early and a natural death claim would generally need documents like:

  • Death certificate from the municipal authority
  • Policy documents original and few photo copies
  • Age Proof
  • Claimant’s ID Proof
  • Discharge forms with claimant’s signature
  • Medical certificates like the proof of cause of death

Whereas the early deaths need all the above statements along with:

  • Hospital statements about admission and the illness type
  • Certificate of the employer from his/her employee
  • Certification about cremation

In order to claim the policy for unnatural deaths, one need to submit all the above mentioned documents along with:

  • FIR (First Information Report) from the Police
  • Post Mortem Report

Maintain Time: The nominee/claimants are advised to apply for the insurance claim along with all the documents as soon as possible. After submitting everything as per the requirement, wait for a stipulated time to collect the Maturity amount.

Each policy is different from other and is based on the insurer and the insured individual. Therefore, always consult your policy agent and the insurance company, read and understand every bit of the insurance policy and then opt for your