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Securing the Nation With Life Insurance

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The atmosphere is intense in the wake of rising tension between India and Pakistan. Every day the news is coming about casualties from either side. Incidents like these take our attention to the undisputable fact that life is so unpredictable irrespective of whether you are a soldier at the border or a civilian. No matter who we are, we are very important for our family. Our family takes pride in our income, they feel protected in the assurance that we are there for them and our earnings are an essential source to maintain and nurture them. That is why it is important to have a financial backup so that even if something were to happen to you your family shall not struggle to pay bills and procure things.

Human life is very precious and any human endeavor cannot completely make good a loss of life but somehow we can manage the extremity of the distress to surviving members by getting appropriate life insurance cover. Life insurance is that type of insurance where Claim settlement is considered to be very simple and is devoid of any inspection by insurance surveyor. The peril or immediate cause of death is not that important. In every kind for death barring suicide in the first year of the Policy the claim would be settled provided it is a legitimate claim and no vital information was concealed from the company at the time of applying the policy.

The air in the country these days is filled with the euphoria of patriotism, as they say charity begins at home, so does security and solidity. Getting life cover would protect your family; a financially secured country can fight with more confidence and solidarity against foreign oppressors. Life insurance plans are very important that is why one gets tax rebates if one pays insurance Premium for them. The insurance structure in a country promotes its financial growth and Risk taking ability in the individuals. More awareness should be spread about insurance in the country so that people residing even in remote parts of the country are protected.

National security isn’t contained to defense against foreign aggression but its scope is very wide. A nation is secured when its denizen’s interests are protected. In order to attain solidity at the macro level measures should be taken to solidify the nation at the micro level. Other types of insurance generally excludes loss due to war or terrorist activity but life insurance pays even if death is occurred because the above two. Thus, it is very essential to have a life cover. How could you be a responsible citizen if you cannot even become a responsible family man? It is both in your and the nation’s interest for you to get a life cover. Hail to our great country India!!