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Smoking is Not Good for Insurance

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Apparently, smokers have a shorter and less healthy life than non smokers. That is why there has been many efforts from the government and the people themselves to kiss a goodbye to the smoking habit. Here comes yet another reason that fortifies the decision of quitting smoking; non smokers pay lowest term insurance premiums. This is because life insurance covers the Risk associated with the life of a person. Since smoking increases the mortality, the higher the risk, higher the premium.

Life insurance companies are the true well wishers who always wish their customers stay in good health. They classify people on the basis of their health conditions. When someone applies for an insurance policy, the company will check on the risk on health of that person.

Smokers V/S Non-Smokers

There are categories which rate the applicant as smoker or non smoker. Life Insurance companies consider someone a smoker if the person has consumed any tobacco product like cigarettes, cigar, etc in the past years. The answers are supported by the urine and blood medical examinations. Hence, it leaves no scope for a lie. The company also keeps a record of whether the person has ever taken any tobacco or nicotine product at some point of time in the past year. Again, they record the duration of consumption such products. Thus, occasional smokers also do not own any exception. This helps companies to calculate life insurance Premium of the person. A non smoker pays lowest life insurance premiums whereas a smoker of similar physical dynamics has to pay higher. This is because consumption of such products leads greater chances of an unhealthy life and enhances the dangers of pulmonary and cardiac diseases.

Quit Smoking-Lower Your Premiums

Sporadically, getting rid of smoking can help you save your health and money. At the same time, this is also a fact that quitting smoking isn’t an easy task. Now, it has added benefits of lowest life insurance premiums. When a person quits smoking, the Insurer calculates life insurance premium at lower rates. Although, it requires several evidences to support your commitment yet the results can help you save a lot of money. Prior to requesting the non smoker status, the Insured is required to stay away from smoking for the whole year. This again is supported by medical tests. Also, the previous medical history of the insured is checked. Only after attaining satisfactory results the insurer calculates life insurance premium at lower rates. In case the insurer finds any faulty information or dishonesty, the Policy immediately gets canceled and the insurance becomes invalid.

After quitting smoking, the insured can even look for switching the service provider for lowest insurance premiums and better services. One can also compare life insurance quotes of various service providers. Nowadays, there are various portals that help you compare life insurance quotes and find lowest life insurance premiums of various brands. One such portal is easypolicy.com. This website not only provides you with comparisons but also lets you know your adequate insurance amount and help you calculate life insurance premium. It serves as a reliable platform where you can search information and quote the cheapest yet most profitable insurance. It is a one stop location for managing your different policies. Register today to know more about insurance.