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Why do You Need Life Insurance?

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That is an interesting question to ask – when you question anything that you protect, it is the importance that you attach to the protected, which comes to the fore. Why would you want to protect a treasure? The reason would have much to do with regard to what it means to you, and what could be at stake. In a similar sense, life insurance policy is all about what it means to protect your near and dear.

Life Means Change:

One of the key reasons behind life insurance Policy is the need to keep up with change. What you thought was sufficient yesterday may already have moved to a different point when you do a reassessment today. And change is not just in the macroeconomic environment, in the bigger picture. It is not just something seemingly distant as the devaluation of the rupee – rather, it is also about how change matters to you in terms of your own lifestyle, life events, family commitments, personal objectives and aspirations.

Much to Protect:

That brings us to the more important aspect of life insurance plan – what you protect changes with time too. What your personal income means today could be just a fraction of what it could mean a few years down the line. That is Inflation for you. How much income would suffice tomorrow’s expenses? That’s a tough question to ask, and even trickier to answer. An easier option, though, is to check how much life insurance Premium would get you closer to that feeling of security and financial safety for you and your family.

Multiple Options:

One key aspect about life insurance is its ability to provide multi-fold solutions. People are different, and so are their needs and requirements. And there is no one way in which insurance could help you. The life insurance premium that you end up paying could be towards protection for some, savings for others, and wealth creation for someone else.


And of course, apart from its ability to provide solutions to multiple consumers, life insurance policy is also amenable to changes in its features, also called riders. There is a whole host of options available that help you make the most of your life insurance premium – such as accidental death benefit, Critical Illness protection, premium return rider and premium waiver.

And the benefits mentioned are just the tip of the iceberg – with life insurance plan, there is always so much to gain.