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Why Should You Buy Life Insurance?

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Life is very unpredictable and you cannot be sure of the future. In spite of taking all the necessary precautions, life sometimes throws you out of your rhythm with deadly surprises. At times things happen out of the blue and you get taken aback. Life insurance is one way to ensure that your loved ones are protected from such nasty surprises.

Some of the Important Reasons for Taking a Life Insurance Policy are Mentioned Below:


The fact that your life is Insured and your family, your loved ones are protected from any unforeseen calamities gives a high sense of security. It takes off a huge stress from the heart of bread winner. Not only the earning member, even the dependents are relieved from the stress of unforeseen threat of sudden breakdown of the source of income. You can buy life insurance very easily from the online insurance portals; it is a trend nowadays to buy insurance online.

Own a Home

Advance planning and buying a life insurance will ensure that in the case of your untimely death, the home loan is paid off, and there is enough money remaining for your surviving dependents. Having a life insurance would mean that the insurance company pays the amount of your mortgage at the time of your death depending upon the Coverage amount taken by you while buying.

Unpaid Debts

In today’s competitive world it is very difficult to have a debt free life. You will have one or the other debts like mortgage balance, you might also have other types of credit like, car payments or credit card balances that will have to be paid off by your spouse in case of your death. If you buy a life insurance, it will take away the burden from your spouse.

Have Children

Having children is a huge responsibility and you have to provide for them until they are independent. You would never want your children to struggle financially in your absence. Ensure that there is enough money left for your spouse, the primary caregiver, to take care of your children in the same way as was done in your presence. You should buy life insurance in such a way so that the coverage amount takes care of their future education especially so if the children are too young.

Replacement of Lost Income

If you are the sole bread winner of the family it is important to ensure that your family is supported well in case of your sudden demise. If you have old parents, small kids and a home maker wife, it is very essential to insure your life as so many people’s life depends on you. You can compare and buy online life insurance that will take care of all the daily expenditure, medical bills, education fees etc. Planning for a replacement of income with the help life insurance Claim is very essential.

Replacement of Lost Income

It is difficult to face but the reality is that everybody is going to die one day. Nobody can predict when so if the cost of a funeral today is in thousands today, it might rise higher in the future. It is advisable not to leave that financial burden to your spouse or parents. Life insurance claims can cover the cost of your funeral if you get life insurance that is apt for you.