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What Is Travel Insurance And How It Works

Travelling is always an experience, be it business travelling or leisure travelling. It creates memories for a lifetime and you look forward to more holidays and successful business trips, in and around the country.
But, as any other event of life, there are risks involved with travel too. There are possibilities of unforeseen circumstances involved with travel, especially when you are in foreign lands and using public facilities.

Such unforeseen circumstances and the effects are covered under Travel Insurance. It is an insurance product specifically designed to cover the costs and losses of unexpected events encountered while travelling. This insurance is usually meant to reduce the risk and damages incurred during unfortunate incidents associated with travel. The basic purpose of travel insurance is to cover trip cancellation, lost luggage, flight accidents, travel injuries and sometimes other medical expenses faced while travelling.

A travel insurance is must for people travelling domestically or internationally, to safeguard any unwanted expenditure and losses during the travel, to make travel a pleasant and happy experience, each time.

Here are simple ways in which a travel insurance works and comes to your rescue:
  • It works if you need to cancel a trip in unforeseen circumstances, you do not lose all your booking money.
  • It works if you lose your luggage while travelling. Basic necessities of travelling are provided.
  • It works if you get sick during a trip, by providing immediate medical help.
  • It works in case of delayed flights by providing you resting place and meals.
  • It works in case if you have lost your passport, to provide immediate assistance.
  • It works if you encounter a natural or man-made disaster in any other city. You are provided help to reach home safely.
  • It works in case you are travelling to some specific countries. You cannot travel to these foreign land without a travel insurance.
  • It works if your travel company goes bankrupt. Your travel is safe and sound.
  • It works to make your trip pleasant, safe and risk free.
  • It works to bring a huge travel coverage, which is of utmost importance, at very nominal cost.

Eligibility To Buy Travel Insurance!

Eligibility To Buy Domestic Travel Insurance

  • Any Indian citizen travelling within the country is eligible to buy domestic travel insurance. Usually, the travel companies associate the travel insurance component along with the trip planning.
  • A citizen of another country travelling within India, or working with a work permit in India, can also buy domestic travel insurance to safeguard the travelling risks.
  • Eligible age to buy domestic travel insurance is 18 to 65 years (usually). This also varies as per insurance providers and plans.
  • The coverage provided by insurance company depends on the city you are travelling to, your age, your medical condition, and the duration of the trip.

Eligibility To Buy International Travel Insurance

  • Any Indian citizen travelling to a foreign country for business or leisure, holding a valid passport, is eligible to buy international travel insurance. There are various kinds of international travel insurance categories one can choose from.
  • Foreign national, employed in India on a work permit, are also eligible to buy international travel insurance.
  • Eligible age to buy international travel insurance is 6 months to 70 years. However, it varies from company to company and plan to plan.
  • The coverage provided by the insurance company depends on the country you are travelling to, your age, your medical condition, and the duration of the trip.

Key Advantages And Features of Travel Insurance!

Whether you are an avid traveller or once in a while trip is your choice, a travel insurance is a must to cover all the unforeseen events you may encounter while travelling to other cities or countries.
While the travel insurance cover may vary from company to company and plan to plan, there are some common features associated with travel insurance that bring some major advantages.

Let us know more about those features:

The major feature of a regular travel insurance is that it provides a cover against usual flight related issues such as flight cancellations ad flight delays. The advantage you get is, while travelling to other countries, you are provided with accommodation and meals for the waiting period.

This feature is very important to cover the medical conditions or accidents you may face while travelling. Your travel insurance comes in handy to compensate against all the medical treatment, hospitalisation, and ambulance fee costs. Instantaneous teeth surgeries or required dental treatments are also covered in travel insurance. You get the advantage of immediate medical attention even in foreign lands, without having to worry about cash, where you may feel stranded otherwise.

While travelling it is a usual fear to lose baggage or other valuables including important documents, in transit. Therefore, the travel insurance offers a very important feature of cover against loss of baggage as well as passport. You get the advantage of necessary basics being offered in case of baggage loss, and immediate assistance in case you lose your passport.

Another important feature of a travel insurance is the cover against accidental injuries or accidental death. While travelling the insurer encounters an unfortunate accident situation and suffer injuries, or God forbidden the insurer dies during the travel, there is a certain sum assured paid to cover for medical expenses or death. This is an advantage equal to a life cover while travelling.

This feature helps you to cancel the trip in emergency situations, such as critical medical condition of a family member, without facing too many losses of bookings done. Such last minute cancellations are taken care of by your travel insurance and you get the advantage of not having to worry about travel expenses getting waste in emergent situations.

Another important feature to cover you against unwanted losses while you are away from home. A theft or burglary is covered under travel insurance, if it happens while you are travelling. There are chances of such mishaps, especially when the house is left unattended. Therefore, it becomes important to avail a cover against it, and the advantage is that you travel free minded with the thought that your valuables back home are secured.

If you are planning to travel soon, you must cover yourself with an adequate travel insurance. Compare and find the best travel insurance here at easypolicy.com

Benefits of Travel Insurance

The basic benefits of a regular travel insurance must be known to you, so that you know what all is covered in your travel insurance policy.

Here is a quick list of all the benefits of travel insurance:

  • Provision of emergency cash in case you lose travel funds due to theft or burglary in a foreign country.
  • Emergency medical expenses are paid if you or your family member falls critically sick, or is injured and need hospitalisation, or dies in another country.
  • Emergency evacuation from another city or a foreign country, if needed, is paid for by travel insurance.
  • An immediate anaesthetic tooth surgery is paid for, if it is required due to an injury.
  • Compensation for death or permanent disability due to an accident encountered while travelling in a flight or ship carrier is made.
  • The cost of obtaining a fresh or duplicate passport or necessary travel documents, in case of loss of passport, is borne by travel insurance.
  • Absolute loss of your checked-in baggage due to an airline's fault is reimbursed by travel insurance.
  • Expenses incurred are covered, if a trip is delayed for more than 12 hours due to airline's fault, medical problems, personal employment problems or issues caused due to natural disasters.
  • Expenses incurred are covered if a trip is totally cancelled or interrupted due to airline's fault, medical problems, personal employment problems or issues caused due to natural disasters.
  • If you have to miss a connecting flight, due to delay of the previous flight, the expenses are covered by travel insurance.
  • Compensation for a third party in case you cause a loss of life, loss of limb, injury or loss of property to someone by mistake, while on a travel.
  • You are covered against burglary in your home, while you are travelling.
  • Special distress allowance is provided in case of a plane highjack for more than more than 12 hours

Always remember these benefits while buying your travel insurance at easypolicy.com. Also, do not forget to carefully read through the policy terms and conditions, to get all possible information on your travel coverage.

Importance of Having Travel Insurance

  • Are you an avid traveller?
  • Do you take regular vacations?
  • Does your business or profession demand a lot of travelling?
  • If you are answering the above questions in yes, then travel insurance is extremely important for you.
Here are a 8 reasons that lay down the importance of having travel insurance.

Travel insurance takes care of inevitable flight cancellations and the expenses incurred. For example; you are travelling from New York to your home country with your family. You land at a foreign airport for connecting flight. But, the next flight is delayed or cancelled. In such case, your travel insurance will come in handy to assist you with finding & booking new flights and reaching back home safely.


Travel insurance takes care of your baggage losses, and damages thus incurred. For example; you are travelling to another city with your expensive medication and your hand baggage is lost with your medicine in it. Here, you can always call your travel insurance to help you locate your bag and also, to get the necessary medication arranged for you.


Travel insurance helps to arrange for emergency travel documents and cash. For example; you arrive in London, and as soon as you step out of airport, your passport, along with your wallet is stolen. Your travel insurance will arrange for necessary cash and emergency travel documents to travel back to country.


Travel insurance is important if you meet with an accident or face a critical medical situation in another city or country. For example; you were travelling to a remote city in Rajasthan, you fall critically ill or are badly injured and adequate medical help is not available. Your travel insurance will help you arrange for a medical evacuation.


Travel insurance proves to be very important in case of emergency trip cancellations. For example; you are leaving for a holiday to Mauritius and suddenly your child gets too sick to travel. Your travel insurance is there to save money on non-refundable trip deposits and pre-payments on tickets.


Travel insurance is particularly important when it comes to luggage safety. For example; you arrive in Bhutan but your luggage is lost in transit. Now, your travel insurance company will be responsible to locate it, arrange for cash and covered necessities in the foreign country, and to reimburse the loss of contents if it is stolen.


Travel insurance is crucial to cover you if the airlines, cruise line or the tour operator goes bankrupt. For example; your are on a month long business trip to Australia, where all the expenses are already paid to the tour manager company. The tour company files for bankruptcy in this duration and refuses to pay for further travel. Your travel insurance will save you from getting stranded in an alien land and get you safe back home.


Travel insurance is certainly important if you need emergency evacuation from a country or city facing terrorist attacks or other natural calamities. For example; you were in Gujarat for holiday and sudden communal riots broke. You can always call your travel insurance to arrange for immediate evacuation and help you reach home safe.

These examples will bring you a lot of clarity on why an adequate travel insurance so important for you. Now, it is the time to buy your travel insurance right now at easypolicy.com, and make your next business or holiday travel safe and secured.

Tips To Choose Best Travel Insurance!

As much as travel is necessary in current demanding times, be it for business or leisure, so is travel insurance, to keep those trips secure and tension free! It is true that you may not even use that travel insurance for most of your trips, but, unforeseen events or disasters won't give a notice before they strike.

Therefore, a good travel insurance is always your best companion when you venture into foreign lands or unknown territories. But, how to choose the best travel insurance?

We are sharing some tips to choose the best travel insurance and feel safe anywhere you go:

Do not go by what your travel agent is offering you with your trip. This may be just a basic policy at extra cost.


Considering the destination you are traveling to, choose the sum assured for medical cover. Some countries may have expensive hospitalization, where your travel insurance hospitalization cover can come in handy. But if you are traveling to a country that offers cheaper medical assistance, you may go for a lower sum assured at lower premium.


If you travel rarely, only for holidays, you have to choose the travel insurance which can cover you for the duration of your trip. Longer the trip, higher the premium for your travel insurance.


But if you are a frequent traveler, opt for annual multi-trip policies which can save you a lot of money. Multi-trip policies are usually valid for one year and they cover multi trips abroad, in that duration. Each trip covered can be 30-45 days and such policies are convenient to buy as you are not required to submit documents a multiple times.


If you holiday or business trip include some adventure activities such as trekking, skiing, water sports, buy a special cover at extra cost, because a regular travel insurance policy will not cover risks involved with such activities.


If you are 65 plus, and travelling, then you must look for senior citizen travel insurance plans. These plans offer covers for pre-existing illnesses in some special situations, higher sum assured, accidental death or disability.


Make sure you know about and buy a "bail-bond" travel insurance, if your traveling job revolves around legal involvement and you need to travel more than one country in one single trip.


Lastly, always compare various insurers' various travel insurance plans before choosing the best that serves your requirements. Analyze insurer's insurance offerings, online services, claim processes, claim settlements etc. and then go for the best that fits your travel plans.

Make sure you keep these tips in mind every time you need to travel and buy a travel insurance.

Claim Process For Travel Insurance!

While travelling, if you have an adequate travel insurance policy, you are always at ease, thinking that everything will be taken care of, in case anything goes wrong during the travel, by your travel insurance.

But, what if something actually falls back and you need to file claims on your travel insurance?
Do you know the process?

Here is the step by step instruction on each travel insurance claim you may need to make:

  • There is an Assistance Service Provider (ASP) appointed by your insurance company. The ASP is your single point of contact during the trip, or when you need to file any claims.
  • ASP will examine all the documents, analyse, cross-check and produce the report and approval thereof, for your claim settlement.
  • Each claim you make under travel insurance policy must be supported by all original tickets or boarding passes, indicating the travel dates clearly.
  • File the claim with all the supporting documents required in each kind of contingency you may face while travelling.
  • Policy Number
  • Insured Person's Name
  • Insured Person's Contact Number
  • Permanent Contact Number and Email Id
  • Place and Country of Travel
  • Brief Description of Loss

Here is a list of all documents you need to produce along with a claim form, in each situation where you need to claim your travel insurance.
Medical, Hospitalisation, Accident or Sickness Claims While Travelling Outside India

  • Doctor's Report
  • Original Admission/Discharge Card
  • Original Bills/Receipts/Prescription
  • Original X-Ray Reports/ Pathological/ Investigative Reports
  • Copy Of Passport/Visa With Entry & Exit Stamp
  • Copies Of Baggage Tags
  • Copies Of Correspondence With The Airline Authorities/Others About Loss Of Checked Baggage
  • Property Irregularity Report (Obtained From Airline)
  • Details Of Compensation Received From Airlines/Other Authorities, If Any
  • Copies Of Baggage Tags
  • Copies Of Correspondence With The Airline Authorities Certifying The Delay
  • Property Irregularity Report (Obtained From Airline)
  • Original Bills/Receipts/Invoices Pertaining To Expenses Incurred/Purchases Made During The Delay Period.
  • Confirmation from the airlines, clearly mentioning the scheduled arrival time and the actual arrival time.
  • Copies of correspondence with the airline authorities certifying the delay.
  • Medical reports and doctors statement, if trip is cancelled or interrupted due to medical reasons.
  • Termination letter from the company, if trip is cancelled or interrupted due to employment reason.
  • Original tickets of the insured and the travelling companion indicating travel to the same destination for the same dates, in case the cancellation or interruption is owing to the sickness, injury or death of a travelling companion.
  • All the bills / receipts of reasonable additional expenses incurred and / or proof of cancellation charges levied by the carriers
  • Copy Of New Passport
  • Copy Of Previous Passport (If Available)
  • Original Bills/Invoices Of Expenses Incurred For Obtaining A New Passport
  • Copy Of FIR/ Police Report
  • Personal Liability
  • Full Statement of The Facts In Writing
  • Witness Statements
  • Any Other Documents Relevant To The Incident, Including Summons, Legal Notice Etc.
  • Any Other Information You Would Like To Share With Us
  • Full Statement Of The Events In Writing
  • Airline Correspondence In Regard To The Hijack
  • Copy of Ticket/ Boarding Pass
  • Original Death Certificate
  • Copy of FIR/Police Inquiry Report/Coroner’s Report
  • Copy of Post Mortem Report
  • Dismemberment Case: Copy of treatment papers along with documents 1 &3 above
  • Date And Reason of Arrest
  • Copy of FIR/ Police Inquiry Report
  • Bail Bond
  • Court Order Stipulating The Required Amount As Bail Bond
  • Medical reports, doctor's statement giving the details of the sponsor and cause of death certificate of the sponsor
  • Medical statements from relations / spouse will not be accepted

Compassionate Visit Claim
(When you are seeking reimbursement for a relative's ticket visiting you when you are hospitalised)

  • Claim Form
  • Medical reports and Certificate from the doctor confirming hospitalisation of the insured, reason & duration of hospitalisation
  • Doctor's statement specifically stating the need for an attendant
  • Claim Form
  • Medical reports, statement from the treating doctor or death certificate as a proof of the reason of study interruption
  • Medical statements from relations or spouse will not be accepted
  • Receipts of the university fees paid

We must tell you that these are general lists based on regular claim requirements. Your insurer may ask you for any additional documents, for complete satisfaction before settling your claim.

How Easypolicy Helps To Choose Best Travel Insurance!

Easypolicy is your #1 insurance advisor when it comes to making a choice between various travel insurance plans from number of insurance companies. Do not get confused!

Here is how easypolicy facilitates your travel insurance purchase to make it a sensible and most appropriate choice. With us you can:
  • Compare the travel plans offered by various providers in one single go.
  • Save a lot of time looking for the right insurance policy that suits your needs.
  • Request for quotes online which helps you to compare different policies.
  • Surpass the unnecessary paper-work and hassle.
  • Get all the discounts available while buying online policies.
  • Avoid useless sales pitches made by insurance agents.
  • Get instant advisory on travel insurance needs through phone call, mail or our 24 x 7 chatbot.
  • Renew or extend the policies instantly without any delays and save a lot of money.
  • Make secure online payments and acquire instant policy via email and hard-copies at door-step.
  • Get compete assistance while filing travel insurance claims and getting approvals.

Easypolicy, your one stop insurance comparison engine is here to help you at every step, while you choose the best suited travel insurance policy. Let's get it started NOW!

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