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provides for emergencies that may arise during the trip.

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Airline Strikes and Travel Insurance

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What are the options with airlines in an airlines strike?

With or without travel insurance, your airlines may have some provisions available with them to accommodate the contingencies. For instance, the airlines may try to accommodate you on partner airlines or may offer tickets on different dates, or may offer you refund without penalties. However, noting might work like your Travel Insurance Policy since your airlines may not be obliged to do any of that in an airlines strike.

What are the options with Travel Insurance plans?

This is something that you need to give some attention to and check out what may be on offer with your travel insurance. Tempting as it may be to believe that your travel insurance policy would cover you in the event of an airlines strike, the reality is not that straight forward. The fact is that you need to be deliberate and sure that your travel insurance policy would be of any good in the event of an airlines strike. You may want to
  • Check with your insurance provider or TPA when you buy your travel insurance plans
  • Read through the travel insurance policy fine print to see what is covered and what is not
  • Enquire with your TPA or provider of your travel insurance if there are options that would cover an airlines strike

How does travel insurance address the issue?

If your travel insurance policy does cover an airlines strike, it would be enlisted under the ‘Travel Delays’ section. Usually, you would be compensated for delays in your travel, usually listed to be over 12 hours or in 24 hour slots – your compensation would be based on every 12 hours or every 24 hours that your travel gets delayed, where you would be paid fixed benefits to account for the additional expenses that you may have to incur. If the airlines strike goes on for a longer duration, your TPA may suggest you abandon your holiday and get your compensation from your travel insurance policy instead, an option that might sound good enough if a significant part of our holidays have been consumed by the strike.

What should you be wary about?

While you could check out on your travel insurance plans , check with your TPA and go for a travel insurance policy that does cover you in the event of an airlines strike, it just doesn’t end with that. Sometimes, an airlines strike doesn’t happen as a wildcat strike, but could go through the proper channel of ballots, where the labour involved in the airlines strike would give sufficient notice before the strike. In such a case, if the workforce in the airlines announces its intention to go on strike on, say, the 15th of March, and if you had purchased your air tickets after the 15th of March, your TPA may well argue that you knew of the risks even when you bought the tickets, and may refuse to compensate on your travel insurance

However, in any case, it may be worth your while to contact your TPA and see what the status is with regard to your travel insurance policy and if your travel insurance plans would cover you in the event of the unexpected contingency.