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provides for emergencies that may arise during the trip.

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All About Student Travel Insurance

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You have many dreams and aspirations regarding your life. From your young age you work towards achieving them. Your parents and teachers too help you in making your aspirations and dreams come true. However it comes with many hard work, hardships and perseverance. One of the biggest dreams you may have and probably your parents too may have is that you go to reputed institutions and universities like MIT, Oxford or Harvard for advanced studies. You might also dream of taking an year off from you normal routine of study, and go on an extended tour either with in the country or abroad.

However, such a trip, especially if it to a foreign country, is not void of concerns and genuine problems. From your parents concerns' regarding your well-being in foreign soil, to the fear of living in a new country and adjusting to a new culture, every day will be a challenge. To take care of your concerns and problems, there are a number of Student insurance policies, Student travel medical insurance policies, Overseas student insurance and Overseas medical insurance policies available in the market.

Student Travel Insurance policies are meant for students traveling on holidays for long and short trips, or for those travelling abroad for studies, sports, adventure and so on. Students quite often take an year off from studies to have a long vacation. It is basically meant for those students if you are traveling alone and not if you are going with your family and have a common insurance policy.

What to Look For

To safeguard you during your travel and to make your travel Risk free, there a number of Student Travel Insurance plans available in the market. These insurance plans provide security as well as Coverage for all essential needs such as medical and hospitalization. While searching for a good policy, you must look for the following features:

  • Duration of journey for which the insurance is given.
  • Flexibility in extending the stay-if the Policy allows this.
  • Geographical territories (Particular countries, World wide etc.)
  • Cost if your travel is less than 31 days-Single trip might be ideal.
  • If trip is longer, say over 45 days, then backpackers travel insurance may be cheaper.
  • An international student insurance plan will cover you automatically for both travel and health
  • Some policies are renewable and may be primarily student Health Insurance with travel as an additional plan.
  • Policy regarding cancellation- Some companies provide you full refund if you cancel within 20 days of policy or 20 days before departure.
  • Specified upper Age Limit for students’ insurance policy.
  • Students insurance may not be given for major terrorism affected places.

What Do They Cover

Most of the insurance companies provide cover for any emergency that can come up during your travel. Some of the emergency situations that can arise are listed here. Coverage for the first five are a must, the others too are some of the areas that may be covered by a company.

1.Accidental injury or Death
2.Emergency medical situation and treatment
3.Lost, stolen, delayed or damaged baggage
4.Lost, stolen or damaged travel documents
5.Trip cancellation, interruption, delay
6.Medical or legal appointment
7.Translation services
8.Immunization information and appointment
9.Passport / Visa information and appointment
10.Emergency cash advance for any situation
11.Repayment of student loan