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provides for emergencies that may arise during the trip.

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Buy Travel Insurance While Booking Tickets

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Whether you travel for an annual vacation or for any personal or professional purpose, it usually involves a lot of planning. Despite of all efforts you put in planning, there are chances that you miss on some important aspects – Travel Insurance is one of them. We often start with schedules for fixing dates of travel, place and mode. However, there are some common factors which everyone should consider before zeroing in on any travel plan

travel insurance is one of those factors.

There is no second thought that you always buy travel insurance for all your travels. Needless to mention, that a long journey must be Insured with sufficient travel insurance. Especially, if you are traveling overseas, your luggage must be insured.

Why should you consider travel insurance?

Life is unpredictable. All of us wish to have pleasant journeys and try to rule out all possible incidents that may spoil the plans. But you can only do so for things which are under your control. But what will you do if your flight gets extremely delayed or if your baggage is lost? You definitely require travel insurance to factor in such unwarranted events. Sometimes ignorance is bliss - it is good to be positive but not ignorant.

What all does it cover?

Here is a quick snapshot about Health Insurance coverage. A travel insurance plan could include Coverage against accidental death and dismemberment. Apart from that a regular travel insurance plan covers the following:

Missed or delayed departure:

In case you miss your flight, the cost of your actual ticket is borne by the travel insurance provider.

Delay or cancellation:

If you incur any expenses on extra accommodation due to any major delay in flight/train departure, travel insurance plan provides you coverage against the same.

Loss of ticket:

You can also raise an insurance Claim if you lose your ticket and couldn’t continue your travel. Travel insurance usually provides for reimbursements in such cases.

Emergency situation:

God forbid, if you come across any emergency situation, a travel insurance plan comes to your rescue in terms of financial security. It duly covers medical emergency situations including expenses related with the transportation (ground or air ambulance), etc.

Other uncertainties:

The world is full of uncertainties. Travel insurance also provides coverage under circumstances of an emergency aroused out of the political instability, civil unrest, terrorist attack, etc.

How to buy travel insurance?

Believe it – it is a cakewalk to get travel insurance. If you buy your air tickets through online mode, it becomes all easier. You just need to choose this option while making payments. The moment you select health insurance, it promptly provides you information on insurance premium, which is added to the total amount you pay towards tickets. Once you are over with the payment part and your ticket is confirmed, all details are provided to you through an email – you don’t need to carry any additional document to prove that you have travel insurance. It is mentioned in your e-ticket and you just need to keep it handy for raising any insurance claims.