Travel Insurance

provides for emergencies that may arise during the trip.

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Can Travel Insurance be Denied?

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It is fond memories that all travelers anticipate cherishing. Evidently, no traveler wants that unexpected emergencies affect and spoil a trip!. But emergencies can happen anytime anywhere. You may find yourself landing up in an unknown hospital in an unknown land, emptying your pockets, canceling your trip, losing your passport so much so that the entire trip turns out to be a nightmare! This is where getting Insured with Travel Insurance holds substance.

You travel worry-free; if anything happens, it is the insurance company that takes care of everything – of the finances and all hassles involved. But it may also happen that your travel insurance Claim may be denied. To ensure that such problems do not arise, do look into the small print when you buy a travel insurance policy. Buy a comprehensive plan with maximum coverage.

Carrying Policy Papers

If you have a travel insurance policy but do not have a copy of the papers or policy number or the helpline number, you will fall into trouble notifying the insurance company. Remember to carry the policy papers along. Some authority may want to check the same in case of an emergency. Even if you are not carrying the papers, you must carry the policy number and the international helpline number all the time. This ensures hassle free filing of claims.

Making Travel Insurance Claims

In case you meet an emergency during your trip, do not panic. Contact the TPA (Third Party Administrator) immediately. All travel insurance claims need to be intimated to the assigned TPA within the specified time limit. After the TPA authenticates and validates the claims filed, the claim Reimbursement can happen, otherwise the claim is denied. The TPA:

  • Provides information to deal with emergency situations
  • Gives medical assistance on phone
  • Arranges quick medical aid and appointments in the local area
  • Facilitates cashless hospitalization, emergency evacuations, and other similar services
  • Provides information on claims

In case you do not avail cashless facility at an overseas location, you need to apply for reimbursement after reaching India. All details along with all relevant documents like bills, vouchers, police complaint, copies of communication with relevant authorities, or any other similar documents need to be submitted.

Denial of Travel Insurance Claim

It rarely happens that your travel insurance claim is denied. But you may be denied claim. The insurance company will justify the reasons for denial. Enlisted below are possible reasons:

  • Not understanding the terms and conditioned mentioned in the policy
  • Not unveiling the requested information
  • Not notifying the TPA as required
  • Not having enough documentation as specified in the policy
  • Claim made is not mentioned in the policy
  • Failing to follow the recommendations of the medical personnel in case of medical emergency

What to do if Travel Insurance Claim is denied?

If you know that you should enjoy the benefits as justified in the policy and if your claim is denied, follow the following steps:

  • Understand from your insurance company why your claim was rejected
  • Get from your insurance company a written claim denial letter
  • Consider the legitimacy of the denial, checking policy documents
  • Conduct some research to support your claim
  • File a written appeal supported by all relevant documents