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provides for emergencies that may arise during the trip.

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Claims of Outbound Travel Insurance

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Where to Get Outbound Travel Insurance?

Buying Travel Insurance is no more a big deal. You can even get travel insurance customized. Select for various services you want in your insurance and get quotes accordingly. Online travel insurance has helped in making more logical and informed decision. has made it a child’s play. You just need to select your product and get a quote. It is a one stop shop to get information about different products or buy any insurance. With, insurance is no more a confusion. It also helps maintaining your policy. All you need to do is just register and get your policies listed. You can manage multiple policies of different brands at a single location. Compare products and get updates on recent developments. Making a Claim is also a hassle free thing. Just log on and click. It’s pretty quick and highly reliable.

When to Make Claims in Outbound Travel Insurance:

There are various situations when you can make travel insurance claims.

  • In case of medical emergency: You can make claims in case you met with an Accident or have undergone some treatment. In the event of death the outbound travel insurance Policy acts as a life insurance policy and avail subsequent benefits.
  • In case of financial crisis: When you happen to face any financial crisis while your stay in abroad, you can make travel insurance claims to get cover.
  • In case of loss or theft: In case of loss or theft of documents or baggage, you can make claim and your outbound travel insurance company will take care of your well being and help you get your documents back or get new documents. You may even get compensation in special cases for such loss.
  • In case of flight delays or cancellation etc: In some cases your timely arrival and departure may be very important. To business people it may even cost heavy losses. Making a claim in such situation can help you overcome the loss.

Travel Insurance Claims Procedure:

For making a claim, you need to first fill a form available on the website of the service provider or will have to inform your insurance agent. After that you will have to submit documents relating to your claim. For example, if you are making a claim for flight cancellation, the original unused tickets, proof of payment, etc.. Generally, for most claims you will have to submit bills for expenses and last Premium payment receipt.

Most of the companies provide emergency numbers for making an outbound travel insurance claim. However, people often claim later for Reimbursement after incurring all expenses.