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provides for emergencies that may arise during the trip.

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Do Not Decline to Buy Travel Insurance

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Travel insurance provides you peace of mind and comprehensive protection from the entire gamut of misfortunes that may come uninvited in the course of journey. Confronting an emergency spell abroad can drain away your entire savings and will go beyond the insurance claims afforded by credit cards, private insurance etc. A comprehensive Travel Insurance Policy protects you against a large number of unfortunate circumstances for the entire duration you’re on the tour. Some essential aspects of a comprehensive policy include:

a) Health covers for getting medical assistance to address sudden illness.
b) Emergency service and attention round the clock.
c) Liability protection if someone sues you for property damage or accidentally causing injury.
d) Personal Accident cover.
e) Cover for meeting legal expenses.
f) Cover for items lost or stolen in the course of travel.
g) Cover for canceling or curtailing the trip.
h) Additional cover for items not falling under the purview of normal policies like jet skiing.
i) Monetary cover to safeguard your interests in the event of airline going bankrupt prior to or during trip.
j) Injuries or losses borne due to terrorist activities.

Purchasing travel insurance a must

Mull over the consequences that will come your way if you decline to purchase travel insurance. Just a mere thought of loss of passport, baggage, cancellation of tickets and even a minor illness can be financially shuddering if you are not aptly covered. Buying travel insurance is therefore a wise step you must opt for before going for a journey abroad. To buy the best travel insurance plan, you should compare travel insurance policies offered by different companies online. Comparing the available options will help you to choose the right product at the most competitive rates. Online portals such as allow you to compare travel insurance plans and choose the most comprehensive and elaborate plan. Comparing and buying online travel insurance is convenient and helps you save money as you can compare and buy policy with low premiums. However, do not go for cheap policies as these tend to extend Coverage for fewer items and may prove costly. If you are a frequent flyer, you should consider purchasing annual multi trip plans to save on time and money.

Some important points to ensure

After you have decided to buy travel insurance, you should ensure that the plan would necessarily:

a) Cover all pre-paid expenses like skiing, excursions etc.
b) Cover personal accident bringing about death or permanent disability.
c) Provide suitable and realistic cover limit for stolen, damaged or lost personal possessions like jewelry and camera. Police should be intimated within a day of suffering loss as the notification would be required for filing a claim. You must take care of your personal belongings with due diligence.
d) Provide coverage for the entire range of items present in the baggage lost by airlines during transit. The compensation provided by airlines for baggage loss is nominal and based on weight of baggage.
e) Provide cover for legal expenses incurred while pursuing for compensation in the wake of sustaining personal injury. This clause comes in handy in countries that have no legal assistance system.

Your airline tickets may prove insufficient to cover the entire array of losses beyond the flight journey. So, think twice in the light of benefits offered before declining to buy travel insurance.