Travel Insurance

provides for emergencies that may arise during the trip.

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Documentation Required for Travel Insurance and Claims

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Documents Required In Different Cases

There are different documents required for different Travel Insurance claims. However, there are certain general documents which are required in every claim. These are:

General Documentation:

  • Travel insurance claims form
  • Copy of Policy and policy number
  • Travel dates
  • Copy of tickets
  • Amount of loss
  • Identity card
  • Proof of age

Other than the above general documents, the documents required in different cases are as follows:

In case of Trip Cancellation / Trip Interruption

  • If the trip is cancelled because of sickness, medical reports, hospital admission and discharge cards, doctors statement which indicates sickness.
  • If the trip is cancelled because of death, then death certificate of the person is required.
  • If any other reason, then proof of the loss suffered due to such cancellation
  • Bills and receipts of expenses incurred.
  • Unused tickets.
  • Proof of payment.

In case of Trip Delays

  • Documents confirming the date and duration of delay
  • Bills of additional expenses incurred due to such delays
  • Proof of loss occurred due to the delay
  • Copy of tickets
  • Proof of payment

In case of Baggage Delays

  • Copy of correspondence with airport authorities
  • Other documents confirming loss
  • Bills of expenses incurred meanwhile

    In case of Theft/Lost

  • If any document is lost like passport, then a copy of original document and the new one received. Expenses incurred for such purpose.
  • If baggage lost, then a list of items in the bag and their approximate cost.
  • Copy of FIR or Police report.
  • Copy of passport or visa.

    In case of Medical claims

  • Medical reports
  • Doctor’s statement confirming the same
  • Admission and discharge card in case of hospitalization
  • Bills of expenses incurred for such medical emergency
  • Copy of passport and Visa in case of overseas travel insurance claims
  • Copy of tickets and boarding pass

In case of Accident

  • Medical report.
  • Doctor’s statement confirming the injury or loss.
  • Medical reports.
  • In case of major disability, certification and proof from doctor.
  • Hospital admission and discharge card.
  • In case of accidental death, certification of death, doctors report and post mortem report.
  • Police report or FIR, if any.

In case of damage to Rental Car:

  • Proof of travelling
  • Proof of the loss or damage
  • Copy or receipt showing proof of rental agreement
  • Copy of statement showing estimated loss
  • Bills incurred to pay off repairs
  • Copy of Police report or FIR

The documentation required may be different with different companies as per their terms and conditions. However, above is the comprehensive list of documents which is required by most of the insurers. You can get details about it by contacting the customer service executive of the company or the agent who provided you the insurance. Such people are trained to provide such services to their customers. Such information is also available on online travel insurance websites.

One should pay special attention to the Claim settlement duration and customer responses before buying travel insurance. Most of the insurance service providers believe in providing quick claim settlement. However, there may be certain cases which may take long time. To get quick services make sure you file all the required documents and correct information.