Travel Insurance

provides for emergencies that may arise during the trip.

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Documents Must for Travel Insurance Claims

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Travelling is itself an interesting word, which can be made more interesting and secure with travel insurance. Overseas Travel Insurance is vital in many aspects, and has been made compulsory in many countries.

Travel insurance Claim procedure:

It is important to know how to claim travel insurance, so as to smoothly handle the unexpected circumstances occurring during travel like accidents, illness, hospitalization, hijack, delay in travel, etc. Any overseas travel insurance claim related to emergency medical conditions or Hospitalization is to be first intimated to the third party administrator, so as to avail the cashless services. But for travel insurance claims which are not related to medical services can be claimed after returning back. The travel insurance claim procedure requires submission of documents according to the type of insurance claims made, along with the travel insurance claims form.

Documentation required for travel insurance claims: How to claim travel insurance, depends on the case for which the claim is made and the documents to be provided are as follows:-

For any cancellation of travel:

1.Official documentation supporting the reason for cancellation from the Airline Authority.
2.Original ticket
3.Other related documents for overseas travel insurance like record of any refunds made from the resort booked, record of cancellation from the travel agency, etc.

For any emergency medical conditions:

1.Medical Bills
2.Diagnosis report
3.Proof of original insurance payment done.
4.Doctor’s prescription of treatment

For any baggage lost, stolen or damaged:

1.Details of items got lost, stolen or damaged along with their bills or credit card statements
. 2.Proof of loss including date and time of the loss incurred.
3.Police report
4.Insurance claims statement from the travel carrier authorities.

For any baggage delay for travel insurance claims:

1.Proof of delay of baggage obtained from the travel carrier authorities.
2.Report from the travel carrier authorities stating the reason for the delay so as to cross verify it with the original Policy document, for it is included in the policy document or not.

For any travel time delay:

1.Proof of travel.
2.Documents for any additional travel expenses incurred due to the delay.
3.Police report and travel carrier authority report stating or analysing the reason for the delay.

For passport being lost or stolen:

1.Loss of passport is also generally covered under the travel insurance policies. For claiming the insurance with respect to the condition of passport being lost or stolen, one has to submit the receipt from the Indian consulate for having applied for a new passport.
2.Document providing information regarding the loss of passport to the police.

For any death due to Accident :

1. Death Certificate with post mortem report

There are many travel insurance companies who cover the cases of hijack also, but it is to be verified whether the plane hijack case is covered in the insurance policy before taking the policy.

Though the process of claiming travel insurance is tedious, it however, reduces one’s financial loss due to any of the unfortunate situations. It does not actually eliminate the loss incurred completely including the mental agony, but, reduces the financial loss to some extent. Proper documentation according to the case, if provided, will be helpful for the insurance company to process the travel insurance claims within 7 business days or even earlier.