Travel Insurance

provides for emergencies that may arise during the trip.

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Go Safe With a Perfect Travel Insurance Cover

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Travel the globe safe & secure!

Travel insurance is all about making your carefully planned trip more safe and secure even from the unforeseen events. At times, losing your baggage, a medical emergency, cancelled flights or anything else can change the true meaning of your vacation and make it a taxing experience rather than a relaxing holiday. Travel Insurance can help you come out of disturbing situation during the trip. Travel insurance policies vary based on the age of the person, state of residence and also on the coverage.

Travel insurance types:

Insurance companies offer travel insurances that can help them plan a better trip. They may include:

Overseas travel insurance:

Any instance like losing passport, or a medical emergency, delay in flights can be covered up through the overseas travel insurance policies.

Domestic travel insurance:

it serves as a travel guard in one’s own country. Domestic travel insurance can provide a travel insurance cover for any unexpected discomfort that you come across in your travel.

Student travel insurance:

To those getting a chance to study abroad, student travel insurances become a must.

When to buy a travel insurance policy?

The most important and also the most complicated query among all are to know when to buy a travel insurance policy. Well the answer is made simple it can be any time till the day before you travel. But expert’s advice would be to get it as soon as possible. It can be a temporary travel insurance, just a kind of travel insurance cover for the duration of a single trip or a multi trip Policy that can cover more than one trip during the year.

Why to buy travel insurance?

It makes a lot for sense to own travel insurance policy that can cover a wide range of unexpected complications during travel. The travel insurance cover can be extended to:

A non refundable trip that may be cancelled due to some reasons.
Medical emergencies during the travel.
Delay or cancellation of flights
Loss of baggage containing your passport and other valuable documents.

What isn’t covered…?

Along with the facts that what his/her travel insurance cover can provide, one should also know what is not covered in the travel insurance even before getting it. It doesn’t really work with:-

Breaking the law
Acts of war
Self inflicted injuries

Compare before you buy:-

It is always advisable for the travelers to have a comprehensive view of different travel insurance plans before getting them. Always choose by comparing the various policies available in the market. Look for the insurance policy with better terms and conditions that suit your needs and then make a choice.

Before getting travel insurance, one should be clear with the policy cost which usually runs between four to eight percent of the total cost of your trip. First compare your trip cost with the policy cost and then check whether your travel insurance cover is really worthy. If so, always better to buy travel insurance from insurance company rather than your tour operator.