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provides for emergencies that may arise during the trip.

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Going on Vacation, Have You Taken Travel Insurance?

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Travel insurance, today, has reached to new heights. People now have inclination towards buying Travel Insurance before packing bags for vacations. By doing this, they get a safe, secured and soothing trip.

What does travel insurance provides

Nobody wants to think about bad circumstances on a vacation, however, its probability increases when you travel to an unknown land. Taking travel insurance in India can help you gain the following:


Travel insurance protects you from the Risk of getting caught in any uncertain event. It provides compensation for the loss incurred due to hijack or any such terrorist activity, flight cancellation or delay, luggage theft etc.


In case of accidents, travel insurance provides you with medical assistance. Also, when you fall sick or are diagnosed with some disease, your travel insurance can help you in getting repatriated or evacuated. It provides financial assistance in case of any medical emergency in a foreign land. Not only this, it helps you in getting duplicate documents in case you lose them while travelling.

3.Governed by IRDA:

Travel insurance in India is governed by IRDA, which protects the rights and ensures maximum benefits while working in the interest of the consumers.

What will your travel insurance cover

Although this highly depends upon your service provider, following can be the main areas that your insurance covers:

1.Trip cancellation, delays and interruptions for some uncertain reasons.
2.Your personal baggage and other belongings.
3.Important documents relating to travel or other like passport.
4.Expenses related to your health sickness, injury or death, other than the once caused while playing any adventure sport.
5.Accidental loss including loss or damage of property, injury etc.
6.Legal expenses incurred.

How is travel insurance helpful

Premium paid for insurance is often looked as an expense. However, small payments made in favor of your travel insurance Policy will provide you the following benefits:

1.Financially Secured trip:

When on a trip, money will be required at every point. A theft or loss of wallet or credit card can make you paralyzed. In such cases, your travel insurance comes to your rescue and provides you assistance for a happy and safe return.

2.Healthy trip:

Any health care expense incurred during the travel is covered by your travel insurance policy. This includes Hospitalization benefits, treatment cost and Repatriation expenses.

3.Loss coverage:

Any sort of loss that you may suffer on your trip is covered by your travel insurance policy. This loss may be because of travel or while on travel. You will anyway get a financial compensation for such losses.

4.Liability cover:

Any losses caused by you are covered by your travel insurance policy. These include damages or loss of rental property, or any other liability that may unexpectedly fall on you.

5.Tension free trip:

With travel insurance you are protected against every unforeseen situation. This lets you feel protected financially on your trip and leaves you worry less. Thus, you enjoy to the maximum limits.

Travel insurance is a protective step taken to hedge uncertainties of trip. It provides you protection against events of mishaps which may otherwise take a lot from you. It not only provides financial and health protection but also peace of mind. Moreover, travel insurance in India is governed by IRDA which makes it fair and transparent. So, if you are going on a vacation, you better take travel insurance.