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provides for emergencies that may arise during the trip.

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How Can I Include Third Party Insurance in My Travel Insurance?

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Travel has become an integral part of life today. While traveling has become lot safer and comfortable it is advisable that you buy Travel Insurance for any trip that you are making. Travel insurance is purchased to ensure a stress free experience and enable the traveler to fulfill the very purpose of travel.

Certain risks, which are common for all groups of travelers, are generally well covered in travel insurance policies. A vanilla travel Policy would include: emergency travel medical insurance, medical evacuation insurance, trip cancellation and interruption insurance and supplier default insurance coverage.

But apart from these general risks, there are certain types of risks which are unique in nature and associated with specific group of travelers. Hence, any vanilla travel insurance policy is unlikely to have Coverage for such risks.

If you are one of those travelers, who intend to do a lot of driving while traveling. You should consider buying a supplemental coverage to cover the associated risks. Even if you own a car insurance policy in your domicile country, it is quite unlikely that it may be covering the Risk of personal or third party damage (third party insurance) while you are driving a rented car or in a destination outside a country.

Hence, it is advised that you also top up your travel insurance policy with a rental car insurance coverage, which would provide you temporary benefits of a car insurance policy while you are traveling.

Typical car rental insurance would cover the risk of damage or theft to a vehicle you rent and is generally called as "collision" insurance. Third party insurance which covers liability to other people on account of an Accident may be an optional element. Third party liability can sometimes be so big that it can rob you off all your wealth and more importantly it can completely disrupt your peace of mind. Hence, it is essential that you check with your TPA if third party insurance is part of the travel insurance claims package. Most travel insurance plans or rental car insurance does not include third party coverage. Hence, you make sure that you get a third party liability coverage included in your travel insurance plans and this is especially important when you are aware that you need to do a lot of driving while you would be on your trip.

Where do you buy a travel insurance plan?

There is no doubt that buying travel insurance is a very complex and confusing. The availability of myriad plans and companies makes it further complex to get travel insurance that is most suitable for your needs. Hence, to get a clear understanding on which plan to buy, it is advisable to buy online travel insurance, which allows you to compare across plans and avail the best features at the right price.