Travel Insurance

provides for emergencies that may arise during the trip.

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How Much Travel Insurance do i Need?

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Many Indians consider Travel Insurance as an unnecessary expense. Life insurance or Health Insurance is presumed to offer better 'return' on 'investment' as compared to travel plans. The general tendency is to choose the cheapest Policy without bothering about the coverage. Even those who are traveling abroad focus on cheap travel plans.

Why Travel Insurance

Focusing on Coverage and choosing the best travel plan available is the best way to minimize travel risks. A travel insurance policy with adequate cover will help manage the financial implications of the following travel related emergencies:

  • Accidents and illnesses
  • Loss of baggage during transit or in the hotel
  • Loss of Passport or other essential documents
  • Accidents leading to third party liability
  • Trip cancellation
  • Delay or cancellation of flight or train
  • Missed flight or train
  • Loss of valuables
  • Damage to property at home when traveling
  • Hijack
  • Repatriation of remains
  • Repatriation of remains

    The best travel plan should be determined after considering the following factors:


    Determine medical coverage component of travel insurance based on age and health of the traveler. You can get travel insurance offering $10,000- $50,000 medical coverage for youngsters and $100,000- $500,000 medical coverage for aged travelers for foreign trips


    Choose single trip policies with standard coverage for short trips. Avoid unnecessary frills like hijack allowance or compensation for missed connections. Choose annual multi-trip travel insurance policies with high cover for bigger and longer journeys. A separate high value plan will be the best travel plan for senior citizens. Opt for travel insurance offering standard coverage for other family members.


    Cost of medical treatment in Goa or Kerala will be at par with treatment costs in your home city. However, the cost of treatment in Connecticut, Singapore or Istanbul can blow a big hole in your travel budget. Choose high medical cover when traveling abroad.


    This cover can range from $10,000 to $50,000. This one component is just beyond your control. An Accident causing injury to a third party leading to a Claim for compensation cannot be anticipated or controlled. Treat this aspect of travel insurance as the most important one after medical coverage. An accident settled with a handshake and an apology in India may result in a lawsuit in USA or UK. Get adequate travel insurance to cover this Risk as well.


    Your cover will increase significantly if you go in for add on options like Hospitalization cash allowance, emergency financial assistance, trip delay compensation, home burglary insurance and so on. Berkshire Insurance and Bajaj Allianz offer Reimbursement of expenses incurred on the celebration of a Hole In One during a golf game during the trip. This option will be useless if you do not play golf. You can skip such unnecessary options to enjoy maximum travel insurance coverage at minimum cost.

    Help For First Time Buyers

    First time travel insurance buyers can feel confused when buying travel cover. Such persons should check out and compare basic policies offered by different insurance companies in India. The average coverage amount offered in such cheap travel plans can be considered the industry recommended standard for travelers. You can use this as the benchmark and make changes to the coverage available for different components of the policy. Just make sure you compare as many cheap travel plans as possible before arriving at the final travel insurance cover amount.