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provides for emergencies that may arise during the trip.

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Insurance a Must in Travel Check List

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Vacation for most of us would mean fun and frolic, entertainment with family and friends, trekking, adventure, beaches, mountains and so on. Rarely do we think of illnesses, accidents and loss of our belongings as part of our vacation. However, the sad reality is that these kinds of emergencies could also become a reality when we go for a vacation. In India, Travel Insurance or even travel medical insurance is not an option or a necessity that most of us would consider as in the case of Health Insurance or life insurance. Travel insurance is most of the time thrust upon us as a mandatory requirement, especially international travel health insurance during trips abroad.

What is Covered in Travel Insurance

Consulting a doctor, Cashless Hospitalization in case of sudden illness or accidents, evacuation costs in case of a disaster, loss of checked-in baggage or passport, trip cancellation or interruption are some of the situations where you could use travel insurance. Medical costs in most foreign countries are so high that even consulting a doctor can drain your pocket. A travel plan provides cashless Hospitalization and, if considered necessary covers also the evacuation cost. It insures you against mishaps such as loss of checked-in baggage or passport, trip cancellation and delay and so on. You are also paid for legal support in case of a financial emergency if you have overseas travel Insurance.

Before you buy a Plan

Before finally going in for a plan, it is always wise to compare and study the plans offered by various companies. You must take care of the following factors:

A travel insurance Policy provides cover for many issues in one policy- illness, accidents, passport and baggage loss, trip cancellation and delay and so on. Hence the Claim procedures differ from the procedures for other types of insurance, and also differ according to the claim situation.

You must not be just influenced by the sum Insured and the low premium. There are various other facilities provided by different companies, such as list of hospitals, payment options, claims process, online options and so on- be sure of which company provides what facility.

Longer the stay, higher will be the premium. Also, Premium will be higher for places and countries where health costs are more.

You can also opt for a multi-trip policy that will cover multiple trips in on year, and will be more economical. Also, there are special plans for senior citizens that you can avail of if you are above 60 yrs of age.

Be sure of the claim procedures, the documents needed, whom to get in touch with for making a claim and so on.

You may make a claim only a very few times when you travel, but it is not practical to go out without insurance either within India or when you go abroad. By going in for travel insurance and spending a few thousand rupees more, you are protecting yourself against various exigencies such as illnesses, accidents, loss of passport, and loss of baggage and so on. You are protecting yourself not only against the possible financial disasters but also ensuring that you get the best possible service, especially when you are in another country.