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provides for emergencies that may arise during the trip.

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Is It Necessary to Buy Travel Insurance?

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Now-a-days, Travel Insurance has become an important point to be jotted down in a traveler’s check list. Some of the most important reasons why people buy travel insurance are because; it leaves them with one less thing to worry about. Secondly, buying one helps them to be well prepared against any odds during the trip. And last but not the least; travel insurance is a sure way to safeguard one’s financial security during a trip.

The major categories of overseas travel insurance plans available in India are single trip plan and multi-trip plan. The percentage of people who buy travel insurance has gone up to 70% in the recent years. Most of us are familiar with trip cancellation insurance. But what we don’t know is about travel insurance is that it also includes Coverage for medical emergencies during travel, coverage for your luggage and for medical evacuation. It might sound a bit odd, but the fact is that 50% of the customers never knew that insurance for medical evacuation existed. Such people can always rely on the internet and get online travel insurance as well. Here are a few situations that demand the need for travel insurance:

Imagine a situation where you have to postpone your most awaited trip because your flight got cancelled. This can be very frustrating especially when all the financial commitments have been made by you. However, if you opt for flight cancellation cover before making all the arrangements, you will be covered for the travel expenses in case the flight gets cancelled.

There might be instances where your luggage gets stolen or lost. This is when travel insurance comes to your rescue.

You might be stranded in an unknown territory where your money gets stolen. When important items such as passports and wallets get stolen, it is very important to make financial alternatives till you reach home safely with your family. Travel insurance safeguards you from such risks.

When your tour provider goes bankrupt, you still have to make it to the desired destination with proper financial coverage. Had you paid your insurance Premium on time, you can still enjoy your trip with minimum hassles.

Sometimes situations would demand you to take medical assistance in an unknown territory. This a typical instance when travel insurance comes to your rescue.

In the recent years, terrorism is on the rise and there is a possibility of your trip getting cancelled if the place where you plan to go is under a terror attack. Your travel insurance Policy provides you coverage under such untoward circumstances as well.

Hence, depending upon your travel needs, you can customize the travel insurance coverage and enjoy your travel without any unnecessary stress. In case you land in any of the aforesaid trouble, you can contact your Insurer so that you can be assisted accordingly.