Travel Insurance

provides for emergencies that may arise during the trip.

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Is Travel Insurance Mandatory for Visa Application?

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Vacationing for leisure and business visits to overseas destinations are humdrum affairs today. The count of Indians traveling overseas is only increasing day by day. As per a latest survey, five million Indians traveled overseas and the figure tripled the following year. Indians have been found to be the 6th biggest spenders on overseas hotels in the world. Not every overseas travel gets Insured with travel insurance. But for certain countries, Travel Insurance is mandatory for visa application. Unexpected situations may arise when you are traveling, which may create financial problems and other hassles. It can be a medical emergency, an accident, flight cancellation, loss of baggage/passport, terrorist attack, or any uncertainty that you had never expected. A travel insurance Policy safeguards you against all situations. You enjoy peace of mind as you travel.

Visa Application for Schengen Countries

It is mandatory to submit travel insurance policy documents during visa application for traveling to Schengen countries. 25 European countries constitute the Schengen area. These include Switzerland, Greece, Holland, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Poland, Portugal, and Slovakia. The Schengen visa allows the visa holder to enter the territories of the 25 Schengen areas freely. It is a permit granted in the form of a sticker, which can be single-entry or multiple-entry. The duration of the visa validity is indicated on the sticker. Generally, a maximum of three months duration is allowed in one Schengen visa.

Travel insurance has been made mandatory for visa application for Schengen countries since June 2004 as per European law. The visa applicants should have a valid travel insurance policy at the time of visa application. The policy must cover medical evacuation / repatriation. The minimum cover mentioned in the law is € 30,000, or its US$ equivalent. Without submission of travel insurance policy documents, the visa will not be issued.

If you are not traveling to non-Schengen countries, you may avoid the idea of getting insured with a travel insurance policy. Cautiousness should be the watchword. Get insured and enjoy a peaceful and financially secured trip.

To avoid hassles, carry the policy number and the international helpline number all the time during the trip. It will be wise on your part to carry a copy of the policy.

Major Covers

  • Medical emergency
  • Personal accident
  • Medical evacuation
  • Loss of passport
  • Checked baggage loss / delay
  • Hijack daily allowance
  • Financial emergency cash
  • Repatriation of mortal remains
  • Trip cancellation
  • Add-on covers for financial emergency, home burglary, personal liability, dental treatment, etc.

Not every policy will have all the aforementioned covers. Buy a comprehensive plan with maximum coverage.

Travel Insurance Claims

A trip without any emergencies is worth cherishing. What if you happen to meet an emergency? How do you go about making travel insurance claims? Contact your assigned TPA immediately or within the given time limit. TPA is the Third Party Administrator that facilitates the insured in getting travel insurance claims for covers mentioned in the policy.

The TPA will help you deal with emergency situations and get medical assistance on the phone. It will arrange quick medical aid and appointments in the local area besides cashless hospitalization, emergency evacuations, and other covers you are entitled with. To get travel insurance claims, the relevant Claim form should be duly filled and submitted along with the relevant documents.

Visit a reliable insurance aggregator’s website, get quotes, and buy the right policy.