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provides for emergencies that may arise during the trip.

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Kinds of Travel Insurance Cover

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Travelers traveling to different areas in India or going abroad prefer to choose an ideal Travel Insurance Policy which covers the unforeseen calamities, such as ticket cancellation, medical emergencies, and luggage theft. However, you can still make your travel policy lucrative yet cost effective by choosing the right kind of travel insurance cover. Make sure that the ideal travel plan addresses all the known travel hitches that you can face while taking the trip and seeks a modest amount from you. Here are some Kinds of Travel Insurance Cover that you can avail to help you decide the best travel insurance policy.

Insurance Cover based on Duration of the Trip

Travel insurance cover can be a single trip insurance, annual trip insurance, and long stay insurance. The duration and the number of trips in a year feature immensely when selecting these Kinds of Travel Insurance Cover.

Single trip insurance is a travel policy dedicated to cover only one trip. This is ideal for travelers making only one or two journeys during the entire year.

When planning to go on multiple trips, you should choose annual trip insurance policy. This caters to the travelers who travel frequently, sometimes on last-minute tickets. Annual trip insurance covers all trips taken during an entire year.

Long stay insurance is a travel insurance policy for those going for unusually longer trips, say a year or more. This kind of travel insurance cover is especially applicable for those who have plans to work in another country.

Travel Policies based on Type of Trip

Today, travel insurance in India does not only cater to the elite. One can purchase a travel insurance cover online for specific trip. For instance, students going abroad to study buy a specific kind of travel plan that covers hassles of sponsorship, cancellation of examination date or sickness during their stay abroad.

Travelers traveling overseas have special travel insurance cover that caters to cancellation of trip or delay in air tickets, hassles due to misplacement of luggage, passport loss, or critical medical emergencies.

Travel Health Insurance has also gained popularity as a special type of travel policy. This travel cover helps to mitigate health care expenses that one may incur when falling sick abroad. Useful travel health insurance would even repatriate a patient back to his or her native place. The medical compensation often caters to emergency as well as non-emergency incidents. Broadly, health travel plan would cover medical care, transport and miscellaneous expenses due to an emergency, and evacuation of the patient.

Coverage in a Travel Insurance Policy

By and large, travel policies provide protection against the hassles and financial loss due to cancellations. Tourists often face difficulties when there is a cancellation of plane tickets, tour packages, or hotel rooms. A popular type of cover often claimed by travelers traveling abroad is the cover for missed connecting flight. Travel insurance provides the protection against such postponements, misses, and even compensates trip cancellation expenses as well.

In case of accidental death or disability, a travel insurance plan provides benefits to the nominee or Beneficiary of the deceased. The incident that led to the death is also important for the claim. For instance, flight mishaps get better compensation.

Luggage protection is an essential part in travel insurance. Loss can be during flight transit or can be at a complex situation where car rental hired by travelers is stolen. The compensation would include estimated damages that one incurs during such an event.

All in all, there are various kinds of travel insurance cover available to travelers today. Travel insurance in India now includes policies to rope in specific segment of the people, such as students, international travelers, elderly tourists, and business travelers.